The Order of Michael

The Order of which I happen to be a member is given certain responsibilities within creation by the Universal Paradise Father, Everlasting Eternal Son, and Infinite Immaculate Spirit. These three Persons of the One Deity are real and true, they are personalities that although Infinite and Eternal are also approachable and relatable to those intelligences who have arisen unto the stature of purity and a full and deepened cooperation. These virtues begin right wherein ye find thyself as a creature of time and space evolution that is seeking complete thine Selfhood at one with the portion of the Father God who gives unto thee Life, and who desires to merge eternally with each personality soul so that ye may become a new creature with a new name and an eternal identity at one with the Living Network of Supremacy.

Thus, have ye entered into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty by exchanging thine density and darkness for His Illumination. Ye shall have placed upon thineself the reweaving of thine density into light and a new immortal body . . the seamless garment of light . . shall ye become in the twinkling of an eye and upon thine Eternal Embrace.

Yet, this requires thine preparations in order to receive; for ye cannot evolve directly from a creature of time and space density unto light without thine devotion and cooperation, thine understanding and application.