Sovereignty is the Mastery of the M's

Thine Father of existence has given a portion of His Spirit unto thee for thine eternal union. He desires that you command His Spirit to expand and annihilate all thine shadows, thine struggles, and strife.

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...for I AM the body of Humanity . . . One Humanity . . . One Planetary Sphere . . . One Solar System . . . One Galaxy . . . One Universal Body . . . which we are guiding ever upwards unto establishing this part of creation within the frequency of eternal Light and Love.

This eternal inner Understanding of how we have been created to function and operate through thine free will is the Holy Grail for your peace of mind, harmony in feelings, supply of financial things in your life, and the true purpose and meaning of your life and existence - where you have come from, what you are intended to be accomplishing here, and where you can be going after this lifetime.

In every movement and activity of your life, you have been feeding your Life...your Omnipotent Creative I AM Presence of You into things that either limit and harm you or carry you into a greater state of being in every way.  Every movement and activity of your consciousness during the day in your awake state you have been using these powers of the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment - thine free will Powers. You have been using these powers but without fully understanding these powers and how these powers of your free will set into motion effects...causes and effects which play out in your life and environment.

Be very vigilant and watchful as to what you allow yourself to feed your Life into...that which you place thine attention upon you are sending it the creative beam of your Life which does act to create vibration and this vibration generates more of its same vibration through the law of magnetization... this is the Four M's that I share with you herein...


I say unto thee . . . magnify the perfection of the indwelling Father Principle, magnetize His perfection and the Cosmic Fire of Creation of the Holy Spirit of the Mother which is stepped down to you through the Host of Heaven, build this momentumizing power as you consistently focus thine attentive devotions and worship the perfection of God within thee, around thee, and above thee.

Only then can you then...manifest the glory of His Kingdom which frees you...your personality soul...of all destructive effects and the recycling of thyself through the birth canal over and over again.

How you feed your Life . . . your Creative Omnipotent Life Force Powers of Attention into qualities of imperfection and destructive vibration does bring about your conditions of your in this lifetime, and also setting into accumulated momentum vibratory effects which appear in your surroundings in future lifetimes. This is the Creative Divine Law of Existence...

All bodies are Mine...and all Hearts are of Me.
Esu Sananda Kumara Michael