Our UniverseCity

What is the Curriculum at Sovrnty Society?

Our local universe is administered exactly as a Universe City and a University. Our Greater Community is within the Local Universe. Our Association and Living Curriculum at Sovrnty Society is designed to gently introduce you to this wider Life; and assist you to gain a birth into this Greater Community; for their are prerequisites that you must attain to before being allowed entrance. In olden terms this is the precise teachings brought forth by Christ Jesus and the Ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven at One with the Father; for He demonstrated the progressive attainments… the essential stages necessary for each to attain in their own unfoldments into godhood…their own individualized godhood maturing as a living part of the Source. The threefold atonement of transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension is the curriculum for each to achieve, and ye can do this through thine study at Sovrnty Society; for in this way ye shall access the illuminated highways of the Paradise Trinity Endowment and the Immortal Host of Heaven, and ye shall taketh the Hand of Divinity as He reaches down unto thee .. through the Host .. to lift thee upwards one stage further unto His bosom and glory, His flowering and His empowerment of thee as a part of Himself.

To help you to understand this progressive educational education and curriculum that you are already involved with, I share with you herein that thine Earth was isolated hundreds of thousands of years ago due to a failure in the administration within this planet. Those beings who were stepping down the directions from on High for this planetary evolution and education became misdirected and fell in their duties. This caused a planetary wide disruption in the normal progressive educational evolution that was originally designed for your species and race. On other planets wherein a species and race is undergoing their own progressive curriculum in life, there is a more orderly and divinely structured administration in place which does perfectly administer its mandates and duties. On this planetary development this was interrupted and chaos has caused this species and planetary development to be purposely isolated so the chaos would not spread to other places.

All within the universe of the Father are a living organism…His intelligent, sentient, feeling and thinking Body. Your planetary structure is just now at this time getting reconnected to the greater Solar .. Galactic .. and Universal Community. This is not the first time this has happened; for in other worlds and in other local universes a similar fate did occur, and with time and tender loving care it was perfectly resolved, and the race and individual lifestreams involved did have a grand opportunity to experience something that is normally outside of the range of the usual occurrences for planets and their civilizations.

Thine personality soul is connected to your own uniquely individualized Stream of Life which is the sustaining Force of Life extended to you from directly above thee. You have your own godhead or oversoul which is the supreme individualization of God within finite creation. This is your destination…to become unified in personality soul with this lifestream and higher oversoul presence. All is intended and designed to become One Intelligence with eternal immortal capabilities. You have been designed from the start to become added onto as a species. All is in a perpetual state of progressive evolutionary education and actualization…everywhere no matter at whatever level the intelligence may find themselves. All have personality, yet personality is designed to become more refined and spiritualized in its vibratory stature. The greater amounts of light and love that you absorb allow thee to travel unto greater and wider births of Life…the One Life that we all share within the Father’s Presence.

Lifestreams even beyond the Earth grade levels progress along certain intended lines of Self Directive Study which progress each in their absorption of more light, directing a greater potency of the One Love, and embodying more and still more Life of the Paradise Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit Parents of existence.

You are designed to become greatly progressed, as I mentioned a moment ago, refining your personality character and personal consciousness into more and more of the Universal virtues and qualities of God…the Great I AM That I AM, all while serving the greater community of this local universe…our Universe City … and deepening your relationship to the Three Persons of the Trinity Source as you come to understand that Source in It’s Personalization within our local universe. For example, I and the Mother are a personalization of the Father, Son, and Spirit localized and given the powers and intelligence to have brought forth this local creation and all creatures and beings within it in behalf of the Source. It is as though the Father, Son, and Spirit did come into this creation in us, by us, for us, through us, and as Us in personalized form that is relatable and accessible to those who align with Love and Mercy.

Thine association with I and the Universe Mother and the Host is the curriculum at Sovrnty Society. It is an earthly part of the greater association of the living Network of His Supremacy…the Host of Heaven…those who have gained their immortal freedoms in and through the earth and other spheres and who are now serving and helping those of you who have yet to do the same achievement, yet are becoming warmed up to the understanding and Ideal of what greatness is in store for thee upon thine cooperative obediences and fulfillments of the Father’s Law and Harmonic Order.

Sovrnty Society, in the way it has been brought forth by the Host, introduces thee unto our Eternal Association which has existed from the moment of thine inception … thine birth within this local universe; for we have been in a very tender loving relationship from your beginnings, and it is perhaps just now that you are coming to realize this. Just as a little babe, born to his or her parents is yet too unconscious and too undeveloped and too immature to recognize the societal structures that are already in place and which he or she has become birthed into, his or her relationship with those around them, and all of those supports and guidances that had already been put into place for moments such as thine borth into Light and the local community.

First the Solar System, then the Galaxy, and then the Local Universe and beyond from there... The same holds true for those of thee, my beloveds, whether you wish to recognize this fact of your existence or not, it still remains to be the situation you have indeed been birthed into. And there is a great great society or community that knows of your existence each individually and uniquely, and is standing by thine place watching over thee and waiting for you to ask for help and guidance. It is not necessary for you and all others to do everything on your own; and, in fact, you will not be able to do it all on your own. None of those who came before thee have ever done it on their own. I and the Mother have not done it on our own in any way whatsoever; for we came forth into this local universe after eons of progressive educational evolution on our part which was intended to prepare us for the roles we were destined to play. All beings, every being in every universe everywhere, all intelligences do open themselves at some certain point in their maturation to partake of the greater help and guidance that has been made available, and in this they have found great comfort and peace, great love and understanding, and a tremendously merciful administering to each of them in their development and blossoming forth as a living part of God Himself.

So, with that in mind and intended for your greater illuminations, this curriculum of living study at Sovrnty Society teaches you how to embrace eternity each day. This prepares thee for thine Eternal Embrace which is the graduation from the curriculum of the Earth school levels of progressive education and evolution. Graduation allows thee to become a Self Directive Governing I AM of the Universal Parent Source and Center; an eternal and immortal Individualization of the finite Supreme Spirit. God Himself within time and space creation.

There are a virtually endless number of grades to evolve and progress into after these beginning grades of the Earth. It is toward this goal or actualized graduation that I am encouraging all to work towards with Me.

Thine Blessed Headmaster Immersed within His Love and Mercy
I AM Michael