Mercy and Grace Await Thine Askings

We cannot escape from our creative power and the use of our thought, feeling, and spoken word and action sets into motion rates of vibration that accumulate in our soul field of receptivity and pour out constantly into the atmosphere and circumstances around us.

With each thought, feeling, spoken word, and action we are creating something in each moment that we must reap; for this is the sowing through thy creative power and the direction you give your consciousness. It is the highest Will and Intent that we use the flame of life within us to expand it throughout our soul…our field; changing this field of energy from a field of density into a field of receptivity; and then, at some certain point in time and space, you will be transfiguring that field of receptivity into the field of light; the living tapestry of the seamless garment of light.

This is the Eternal Embrace which is the culmination of lifetimes of Embracing Eternity; changing the field of density into the field of receptivity and then light.

You will accomplish this through receiving and making use of the endowment of the Paradise Trinity - these divine illuminated highways that are extended into the creation from the source and Center; the three Persons of the Trinity of Paradise.

This is the expansion of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty...His Perfect Light Substance . . . and ye attain this by day as you embrace eternity...using the flame of love, wisdom, and power within thy heart and oversoul presence. It is the fulfillment of the law of existence which opens the doorway for you to live his will and intent by becoming his nature and identity.

Even unto thy physical vessel shall ye become quickened into the greater frequencies of pure light and life.
The teachings of Grace and Mercy is what I teach right now unto those receptive to attainments of progression in their own light. All that you achieve in terms of expanding your light is an eternal attainment that will remain with you throughout all future lifetimes, however, what I am here to guide you in is the completion of all lifetimes wherein you bring harmony, order, and lasting balance to all thine creations...all that you have ever set into motion can be washed away through Grace and Mercy.

Our Private Dialogues twice each month are the focus to teaching aspirants the fulfillment of the law and the living of the great Will and Plan. In this exact way you will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

These Private Dialogues are a living Gita . . .  a song of the Eternal Verities specially designed for aspirants – those lifestreams who aspire to the perfection of the Paradise Father. It is the divine instruction and living demonstration of the Embracing Eternity Exercises; in reaching upwards to the Paradise Trinity Endowment in order to draw this creative fire into your physical and subtle bodies, you are receiving the nectar of the Gods, and in applying daily the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment you are each growing and maturing thy character as you build strength and conviction in thy righteousness, personal choices, discernment, and free will creative attention and decisions . . . all grounded in supreme faith and trust in the Father Eternal.

As an aspirant you are fulfilling His law of existence so that you may learn to live His will and intent, thereby establishing your nature and identity in Him. These are the three necessary requirements of thy aspirantship and our eternal fellowship and association. 

Hence, thy lifestream will naturally be expanding the Kingdom of His Sovereignty by quickening thyself unto the Seamless Garment of Life Everlasting. In your dedication and devotion you are embracing eternity each day preparing for the fulfillment of atonement...the Eternal Embrace! 

~Michael of Our Local Universe


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