Graduation unto Thine Godhood

I have come taking upon mine Self a garment of flesh for a time to share with thee the completion of the ages for thine individualization...thine personality soul which is destined to become merged eternally with the portion of the Father who presides as thine very Life Force Presence. It is He alone who gives life unto all of Us regardless of the divine station that we find ourselves in.

Graduation from these cycles of the Earth are a necessity for all; and although I came whence before in times past to demonstrate this completion or graduation unfoldment for thee, I come once again to give to you more directly the precepts and the living Ideal which will illuminate thine understandings of the eternal verities...the everlasting truths...which give to thee thine dignity and self-respect once again.

I AM known unto thee as Christ Michael of the Order of Paradise Michaels