God's Glory and Honor Quickens All Life

Blessed Ones who have a mind receptive to grow and mature, and a Heart willing to learn how to fulfill the Law of existence, and to begin to live more in earnest the Will of the Paradise Father . . .

Fear not, nor wonder if there is life beyond this beautiful planet....for certainly we are here in thine midst.

I, Michael of this Local Universe, and the Host of Heaven are here along with many from other planets and places throughout the solar system and galaxy. We come to purify the earth, and to redeem her...that is, to permanently consume that which desecrates the energy of the Universe. We come to bring forth God's Glory and Honor, His Righteousness in the free will use of the Race Consciousness, so that ye can progress into the Star of Light that this planet is destined to unfold into.

We bring the Cosmic Fire of Creation . . . Omnipotent Universal Love which annihilates all unlike Itself. For Love is the MAster and Majesty of existence, and that certainly includes this local creation of this Universe which is our home. The planet Earth is thine immediate home upon which ye have been evolving and maturing, and we are here to introduce you to your greater Solar, Galactic, and Universal Home; We come to open the doorways unto the octaves of the Host to let Mankind fulfill its Destiny unto the Attainment of the Full and complete Atonement...the threefold Initiation into the righteous and masterful use of free will.

His Presence . . . this Spirit of Paradise . . . is thine Life. Understand beloveds, without this sustaining Power and Force of Life, thine existence would be dissolved. Contemplate on this that I share with thee. Inquire of this One Force of Life that animates thine every movement and thought. Give thine credit and honor,  thine glory and acknowledgement unto the Spirit of Paradise who has been sustaining thee for thine existence and He desires for thee to adjust thine material ways, thine mind of materiality... so that He may adjust thine attitudes and understanding; and it is mine vocation in this great play of consciousness, to act as intermediary; for I AM the Self Directive Governing I AM which is at One with thine own Life Force and also in touch with thee...thine personality soul.

It is Mine desire that ye give more confidence and rely much further upon thine own Paradise Spirit of the Universal Father. In our Association together, I am given the power and consciousness, the intelligence and directives to offer thee aid in thine expansion, thine refinement, and thine blending with this Spirit of the Father. Invite Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter into thine contemplations, thine prayers. Invite Me to extend unto thee the nectar of the Living Word I AM.

I stand at One within thine midst awaiting thine Call for progression, for thine evolutions unto the greater more abundant Life everlasting. It is Mine service within this local universe to insure thine safety and progress. I with the Universe Mother and Her Holy Spirit do yearn for thine advancements in Light. We...the Heavenly Host ...the Mother, and I .. do surround thee, walking with thee almost hand in hand...and we have been given the power and ability to offer thee thine inheritance which awaits thine claiming...

I AM Michael of the Father and the Son of Paradise