Daily Initiations in the Opening of the Seven Seals of Consciousness

The royal road of sovereignty or mastery... is the soul’s progressive attainments in Light and Love…the masterful use of their own God Force Presence; becoming sovereign master within themselves, and at one with thine own god force presence. 

This is thine progression into individual Christhood and Buddhahood, progressing the individual personality soul to evolve itself to the fuller stature of its individualized godhood. This change over time and space occurs through loving obedience to Father and Son, and is fulfilled in the aspirant's acceptance of the inner calling to be a mediator of the Word and to Work the law and the will of the Lord. 

This is entering into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty through cooperation with the Living Network of His Supremacy. We build strength in awakening the right use of free will, allowing the divine law fulfilled, the divine plan actualized, and the divine will and intent made manifest in the life of the individual aspirant.

There must be a purification and maturing growth in the character of the personality soul, and this occurs with the Embracing Eternity Exercises which lay the groundwork for the aspirant to mirror His consciousness that all might see His reflected image in Light, as the aspirant is readying himself to receive the chakra initiations of the Holy Spirit given by the hand of the Maha Chohan through the Seven Chohans according to the degrees of the Seven Rays or Flames. 

These initiations are the measured steps and stages of the soul’s preparation to receive the greater portion of Light which carries them to the life more abundant. In this way the individual personality soul is progressed from living in a field of density to a field of receptivity, preparing each day to embrace eternity and take upon themselves a field of living light.. Wherein the mortal places upon themselves the immortal body of pure light and life. Thus, is the personality soul awakened out from the imperfect mortal body of flesh and limitation unto the Seamless Garment of Light.

The Embracing Eternity Exercises are the activation, purification, and awakening into the right use of the creative free will which opens the door to fulfilling His law and the living of His Will and Intent, His Plan. These daily Exercises place the aspirant into an awakened communion and use of the Holy Spirit’s descent into the Earth through the Maha Chohan and the Seven Chohans of Pure Light. The Chohans are the Masters of Light who step down into human use the Universe Mother’s Holy Spirit. This is the very same Infinite Spirit ministry of the Third Person of Trinity. The EEE's give to the aspirant the way to have three things take place for them:

First, the sacred cooperation of working together with the Living Network of Supremacy is thy relationship and interaction with the Seven Chohans or Masters which open the Seven Seals of Consciousness within the personality soul ... and these Seven Seals of Consciousness are the aspirant’s inner levels of Consciousness..these chakras of the aspirant which are cleansed and purified, refined and transmuted into spinning at the speed closer to pure light.

Second, these Seven Seals of Consciousness having been awakened and made useful in the Name of the Lord through the ministry and service of the Seven Chohans and the Maha Chohan (the Chief Chohan or Master), are matured, purified, and rightly developed through the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment. These Seven Eyes (I’s) are the Powers of creative free will allowing the aspirant to fulfill the law of cause and effect which then lends itself to being capable of actually living the Will and Intent and manifesting the Divine Plan of the Individual.

Third, in this way do we enter the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the Living Network of His Supremacy ... through thy sacred cooperation with and use of the Seven Flames of the Seven Chohans or Immortal Masters influencing thy Seven Seals of Consciousness through your daily righteous use of the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment.

The workings of the Embracing Eternity Exercises give to the individual aspirant ... the personality soul … an acceleration unto becoming the Self Directive I AM through their own daily efforts in the Conscious Command of their own God Force energies and the Holy Spirit Light; conscious commands in the four M’s of the individual’s creative free will (Magnification, Magnetization, Momentumization, and Manifestation), and in just this way, the conscious descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation to transfigure all obstructions in the expansion of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy.

Ye become once again . . . God's Directing Intelligence and His Governing Force in Expression.

I AM Michael of this Son Universe