All Bodies are Mine and All Hearts are of Me

Thine Father of existence has given a portion of His Spirit unto thee for thine eternal union. He desires that you command His Spirit to expand and annihilate all thine shadows, thine struggles, and strife.

Thy creative free will is perpetually creating thine destiny for thee. Through thine attention and concentration, ye build momentums of qualified substance which remain accumulating within thine field of density until you...the creator of those conditions... determine to change those qualities to the higher qualities and virtues that honor God by inviting and consciously commanding the flame of Mercy and Forgiveness . . . the Violet Transmuting Fire of the Host of Heaven to penetrate and refine your field into light and love. Thine holy grail of bringing the God force down into and through thine physical conditions...changing all destructive conditioning into freedom and mastery...Pure Life.

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...for I AM the body of Humanity . . . One Humanity . . . One Planetary Sphere . . . One Solar System . . . One Galaxy . . . One Universal Body . . . which we are guiding ever upwards unto establishing this part of creation within the frequency of eternal Light and Love.

All bodies are Mine...and all Hearts are of Me.
Esu Sananda Kumara Michael