Thy Self Directive I AM

Sovereignty is spiritual mastery. Mastery is to return all thine misqualified energies back into their pristine condition. This is fulfilling the law of reaping and sowing. Mastery is placing all thine field .. thine consciousness .. thine personality soul under the dominion of the Father Principle. Only in this way can you secure peace and lasting harmony and order.

Sovereignty is mastery over all your personal energy and vibration. The Embracing Eternity Exercises applied each day give the individual this mastery. This is the exact same application which gave Gautama Buddha and Christ Jesus and Guru Nanak and many others their mastery at that time. In this way and through applying this understanding, you too must one day with certainty attain to sovereignty and join the ranks of the Network of Supremacy. You can procrastinate and 'put off' the power of accountability...the owning of your own power, nature, and identity ... yet eventually there will come a lifetime whereby you are pressed into growth and maturing. Sovereignty is thine destiny and it is an eventuality for every personality soul who intends to continue to exist as an individualized personalization of the universe of intelligences; for the galaxies are teeming to overflowing with immense intelligences of all kinds and all orders which await thine blossoming...thine emergence into the eternal divine birth of the ages. From that point onwards you can roam this local universe exploring and visiting the untold planets and civilizations some of which are emerging from similar evolutions as this earth, and many many others who have long ago gone beyond these beginning octaves of progression. All is set up as a University whereby thine graduation allows thee to begin the journey every higher.

To attain sovereignty ye must become absorbed into the Father's Sovereignty and Supremacy.  This is entering the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom is all-pervading and His light is all-permeating bliss and joy .. wellness and peace .. harmony and divine order. There is only this one way. You can be a Jew or Muslim .. a Christian or a Buddhist .. a Sikh or a Taoist .. yet ye must still use this same application in attaining sovereignty.

Paradise Michael and Creator Son


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