This Bread I Break with Thee is Mine Consciousness

Invitation Power . . . 

"I AM Pure Mercy Violet Fire All-Consuming Love ... thy Immaculate Will and Desire."

Command this ... magnifying thy godhood and magnetizing the Cosmic Fire of Creation. For ye are His Individualization in expression. That is what the "I AM" is . . . the finite God in action qualifying thy force of life and expanding His Sovereignty and Supremacy right through you. . . you .. by you .. through you .. for you .. and as you.

This is doing His Will by claiming thine Sonship and Daughtership in Him ... as His Individualization.

Love your own divinity in all adoration and acceptance of thine own GodStream coming to you from your own individualized God Presence right above thee. This is building your direct authority through relationship with the Paradise Father.

For I break this bread with thee ... it is My Body that I give unto thee... for this 'bread' is My Consciousness that I invite you to partake of...Beloveds.

Thy Sovereign Michael