Thine Invitation unto Immortality - The Private Dialogues

The Private Dialogues that I offer to the public give each Individualization . . . every Stream of Life which has descended from their own godhead source . . . the power of greater understanding of the Eternal Laws of Life, the Science of the Spoken Word, and the conscious use and application of the Law of creation towards wiping away eons...lifetimes...of karmic imbalances...which have accrued...accumulated in the field of thine density.

I walk those receptive to Me through the fulfilling of this law and the returning to them of their true power and consciousness in alignment with their own godhead ...the Paradise Deity Individualized as thine own godhead source...the direct source and originating point of thine own personality and soul which ye must bring into thineself each day in fulfilling the Embracing Eternity Exercises which I offer unto thee.

Only in this way through the righteous use of thine creative free will...the highest use of thine own life force consciousness...can ye rise up out of the death spiral of unconsciousness and the feeling that ye are being victimized by the effects of the world around thee.

Esu Sananda Kumara Michael of this Son Universe