The Royal Road of Sovrnty Society

The Royal Road of Sovrnty Society reveals the illuminated highways unto true liberation through the Father Principle. Thine entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven as said in terms of the ages past. Sovrnty Society is a part of the association of the Network of Supremacy of the Host of Heaven.

These Living Teachings of the Order of Michael at Sovrnty Society stimulate a craving for Truth and Love of a Higher Order for humanity. Guided by the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and the Holy Spirit of the Mother Flame.

Pure spirituality and pure religion originates in the domain of man’s character and consciousness, and is revealed in the growth of man’s spiritual insight and divine perception — that faculty of human personality which accrues as a consequence of the presence of the God-revealing Spirit of the Father in the God-hungry mortal mind.

The Great Law of the Host of Heaven is the understanding of the “I AM”. That each is an Individualization of the One Supreme God with co-creative power to set into motion vibratory influences and qualities that will continue to act in the life of the individual at his command unless offset by the Sacred Fire activities of the Host.

It is the way provided by Life to raise the activity of human beings into the next octave of Life. It is the only way by which individuals can correct the mistakes of the past and go forward free from them in the future. It is the approach the Law of Life provides which enables the individual to give a balance back to the Universal for his misuse of Life’s energy. … the greatest Mercy of Life to It’s creation.

It is the grace which Michael teaches and by which he is quickening His aspirants unto the seamless garment of light. This is the Eternal Embrace made possible each day by learning the daily Embracing Eternity Exercises.

All who have graduated from the rounds of the flesh have used exactly this same Divine Application to become the Perfection and Power of Life which they are now living and breathing in the octaves of pure light and life…Immortality is the Supreme Goal for each Individualization of the Supreme.

A Message from Michael
“I come forth once again unto the fold of humanity to teach ye of the path of illumination through the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation and the expansion of the Flame of God presiding in thy midst; for in this way, the mortal shall place upon itself immortality.

“…It is the pathway for those with the courage of heart who yearn for God union and are willing to place upon the altar of Love their own free will choices in service to their own awakening and freedom in Light. Only these shall find the strength and conviction to come forth out of the fold of unconscious humanity to do the bidding of the Paradise Gods.

“If you thirst for truth and love and freedom, come unto Me, and I shall give unto thee Manna from the heavens…out from My own Being.

“… For I am prepared to reveal myself unto those individuals who are proven to be receptive by preparing a place within their character, their personality, and their soul energies, and in this way have made themselves worthy of our association…

“Blessed is he who shall receive of my words of wisdom and love, for ye shall be awakened unto everlasting Illumination. Ye shall progress from child of God unto thy Sonship with the Father of Eternity; at this time it is an absolute that the populace may come to know Myself, the Mother Spirit, and the Host of Heaven, who come as a beacon of light in the dark. I say, wherein is thy wisdom? Wherein have ye walked with us? When have ye remembered thy being with the Father, Son, and Spirit? Blessed are they which remember, and learn to give honor unto He who has given ye Life.

“I am thy Sovereign Creator Son of Paradise Trinity Origin. I and the Mother are the personalized foci of the Paradise Deity for this aspect of creation. I am Son of God known by many names am I, yet I am not bound by names, nor am I willing to become limited by them. I call myself many things and by many names do I sign my words. I identify myself with all goodness, truth, and beauty, and I am not of this earth, yet I come into the earth manifest to reveal unto thee the way unto freedom and illumination.

“For this have I come into the earth at this time, that I might fulfill my covenant with thee, that where I go ye may also go. I say unto thee, as ye fulfill the law ye shall prepare thyself to live his will and intent, and his plan shall become illuminated within thine own awareness.

“I am here within the earth for a time, a short while, and I too say that all which are prepared to receive me shall be caught up with me, for it is now come when many shall be quickened unto the Father even as I was quickened and ascended. Ye shall do the very same as ye receive and bring forth the fulfillment of thy birth into light.

“I say, for this have I come, that ye may overcome death and fulfill thy own covenant with the Father. So be it and may all peace and prosperity be thine own. I am now giving unto thee that which ye can comprehend. So shall ye be quickened and ye shall know as I and the Host of Heaven do know, of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the Living Network of His Supremacy.

“ I am of the Paradise Order of Michael, Sovereign Creator Sons who come to guide thy way; for I enfold thy being with My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence, and it is the Infinite Holy Spirit of the Mother of this universal creation which surrounds you in every way.”

I Remain One with the Paradise Father, Son, and Spirit
Esu Sananda Kumara Michael of Nebadon

Sovrnty Society


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