The Holy Comforter of Michael

At Sovrnty Society, aspirants walk the Royal Road of the mystics and sages of East and West who have graduated from earth's schoolroom and attained union with God. The Society has general members some of which have applied and become accepted as an aspirant of Michael. We uphold a primary focus of expanding the Kingdom of God or Heaven into and through the civilization, the planet, and the individual. This Kingdom of His Sovereignty may be entered into as the individual applies our precepts in their own actualization in Sovrnty; the personal preparation must be gradually attained by the individual in order to qualify to enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. By fulfilling the law of existence and learning to live the very Will of the Source through the portion of God the presides directly within the individual soul.

Sovrnty Society anchors a living field of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness where Universal Love predominates; the association of the sovereign son Michael and the Infinite Mother Creative Spirit is the interworking of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael and the Infinite Holy Spirit of the Mother Flame working oftentimes together as One and also functioning as two separate intelligence; come and discover sovereignty as the goal of life, and the use of the Cosmic Sacred Fire of Creation in attaining all mastery over every struggle and hardship while bringing balance, harmony, and order to all your lifetimes in the completion of your earth evolution through the initiation of the full and complete atonement.

Some of the Sources of Scriptural Knowledge in the teachings of Michael and the Infinite Mother Flame are the Nag Hammadi, the writings of the apostles, the I AM Discourses, the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, the Principal Upanishads, the Christian Bible, and the direct revelatory understandings and the consciousness of Michael. The principles and precepts offered in association with Michael and the Infinite Mother Spirit are the exact strategies and approach, the precise teachings as given by Jesus to his disciples; and this is the very same methods by which Jesus himself accomplished and attained His powerful ministry and message.

Aspirants are guided by the Intelligence and Love of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael, who is wayshower and guide; a realized teacher who helps students deepen their understanding of the Original Divine Plan and the Law of Existence which must be adhered to in order to attain progress along the pathway of light leading into the Spiritual Victory of immortality and eternal life. 

It is Michael who brings with him the living elixir of love and mercy. This Living Word of the Eternal Son of Paradise which is all-permeating and, yet, given to the Sons of Light who must carry its 'amrit' to the evolutionary races of the planets; giving direction, healing aid, and sustenance while illuminating the true highways of the Paradise Trinity Source and Center; intellectual emancipation and spiritual regeneration.

This is the teaching of the Holy Comforter and Holy Spirit which shine their radiating luminosity upon those aspirants seeking truth and everlasting life through the byways of the gift of the paradise trinity endowment, and the scientifically divine strategies of working intimately with the network of supremacy - the living Host of the Heavens in mastering their applications for the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation in the application of the living and spoken Word. Michael teaches aspirants these precepts through the daily embracing eternity exercises which show the aspirant their own authority and righteous use of creative free will; strengthening devotion, dedication, determination, desire, and discernment while building a new and more potent momentum which carries the aspirant ever upwards into the eternal light of their own godhood reality.

Sovrnty Society Staff