Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael

The mission of the Spirit of Truth is primarily to nurture and to personalize truth, for it is the comprehension of truth that constitutes the highest form of human liberty. Mankind’s intellectual emancipation is a necessity before he can go forward in his evolutionary progression. Next, it is the purpose of this spirit to destroy the seeker’s feeling of being alone and without the creative influences of the higher octaves of pure life. 

The Paradise Father has provided in every way with a clear path to Him, and this is illuminated by His sons and daughters who stand as the living Host of Heaven guiding the way of the creature ascent. All seekers would experience a sense of loneliness had not the Spirit of Truth come to dwell in men’s hearts. So, it is in your greatest of interests to invite and welcome this Spirit of Truth into your daily meditations and contemplations.

This bestowal of the Son’s spirit effectively prepared all normal men’s minds for the subsequent universal bestowal of the Father’s spirit upon all mankind. In a certain sense, this Spirit of Truth is the spirit of both the Universal Father and the Creator Son.

Expect not to become strongly intellectually conscious of the outpoured Spirit of Truth. The spirit never creates a consciousness of himself, only a consciousness of Michael, the Son. From the beginning Michael taught that the spirit would not speak of himself. The proof of your fellowship with the Spirit of Truth is not to be found in your consciousness of this spirit but rather in your experience of enhanced fellowship with Michael.

The spirit also came to sustain men’s and women’s minds in their understanding of the teachings of Michael as well as to illuminate and reinterpret his message on earth.

The Spirit of Truth will help you to bear witness to the realities of Michael’s teachings, and to acquaint you with the way you are to live your life in relationship with the Father’s spirit who indwells you.

The Spirit of Truth is surrounding you in every way eager to place an illumination of pure light onto your pathway unto the Father’s Spirit. To lead you on every level to all truth, and into the always expanding knowledge of your direct and genuine experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness that has grown in attitude and character, and at one with the prevailing spirit of the Father. The Spirit of Truth leads the way for all creatures in their becoming immersed and awakened into the reality of eternal and ascending sonship with God.  ~The Urantia Revelations

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