Flame of Eternal Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness

We each have our own uniquely individualized godhead which reigns right directly above us in the higher octaves of pure light and life. This is the source of your personality and the source of the continual outpouring of that Stream of Life which is always coming into you as a physical person. As its purity touches to your human energy field, it becomes glorified if you are absolutely purified and vibrationally one with the light, yet if you have accumulated lifetimes of destructive energies...energies which hold qualities of, lets say, againstness, judgmentalness, anger and upset, fear and doubts of any kind . . . then this pure Life Stream coming from directly above you cannot go forth to pour out its purity and perfection.

I show you the way of the great Spiritual Force which when called by us into our field will erase these anti-Life energies and return your field and consciousness back into full stature and alignment with your own godhead.

And it is your own unique godhead source which in every moment receive from the Trinity Source and Center a continual stream of Life which comes to that higher part of us in Absolute Purity and Perfection with the qualities of love, mercy, prosperity, and other qualities which are intending and desiring to manifest through us. That is how easy life can be once we transmute the error through the Violet Flame of Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness.


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