Thy Spoken Word is Creation in Action

Practice drawing upon the Paradise Trinity Endowment through the science of the Spoken Word…
…this is the art and science of the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation through the Immortal Host of Heaven.
"I AM Pure Cosmic Christ Fire .. Luminous Golden White Stream of God Desire."
Breathe in thine own Christ Fire Principle … it is the Primordial Light of God Himself who desires to expand His Kingdom of Light right directly through each one of us.
And when we have taken upon ourselves the seamless garment of light, we have fulfilled the edict from on high to become perfected … even as the great universal I AM.
So you practice drawing down into your physical life conditions His Immaculate Omnipotent Love which easily washes away all in opposition to the expansion of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty.
Michael of this Son Universe


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