Thy Living Flame is Omnipotent Fire of Love

Atmic Presence is the Flame of Life given by the Universal Father to His creation. The Atma is the Animating Fire motivating every personality soul in creation.

As we learn to expand this Spark it grows into a living Flame that quickens all the atomic substance within thine energy field ... raising thy consciousness into an awareness of the Supreme Brahman ... the Everlasting Spirit all-pervading the universes ... yet you still mature thy personality soul. You are working to be made ready to enter the harvest of the ages wherein immortality is established for thee.

This expansion is how ye enter the Kingdom of God with thy personality and soul; for ye do not merely dissolve into the Ocean, but ye retain thine individualization of personality uniqueness... even unto the octaves of the higher heavens.

Ye create then the Seamless Garment of Immortality for thineself to enter the gates of the true heaven. This is the omnipresent Christos ... the Brahmanic Ocean of Primordial Force wherein only Pure Light exists. Ye become a Master over all thine energies and vibrations from all lifetimes of using the immaculate Energies of the Trinity Source. This occurs for those who are willing to draw down into tgeir physical life conditions the Cosmic Fire of Creation to transfigure all thine vibration into permanent Harmony and Divine Order.

So ... when thine eye becomes single thy whole body physical shall become as Light... thy field of density shall be quickened into a new body of eternal capabilities and a new name shall be given unto thee.

It is for this express purpose that I have come into the kingdom of humanity . . . to offer thine true and lasting inheritance of the ages unto those souls made receptive by their growth in character ... their mature choices over time ... their values... and their determined dedication in devoting their creative free will decisions in service to the fulfillment of the divine plan for their life and existence. Through this upcoming Age of Accountability, the civilization shall be maturing unto the cooperative attitudes of Eternity.

I and the Host of Heaven stand ready to assist those who are desirous of their graduation from the rounds of birth and death.

Thy Sovereign Son Michael of Nebadon


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