Thine Infinite Light

Thy Atmic Presence is the Infinite Light Individualized as our unique nature, identity, and life force which animates us…motivating us as the Life Principle. In Christian terms it is called the Universal Christ. In Buddhic terms … the Universal Buddha. It is simply the one Primordial Light which is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. When called into activity by us Its omnipotence comes into our field of energy and easily transfigures or transforms the lowered human vibration into Its higher vibration of Absolute Harmony and Divine Order.

When this takes place our consciousness becomes more refined and much better able to grasp intellectually these understandings and allows us to feel the greater bliss of Atma and Brahman. This refinement opens the gateway to enter the Kingdom of Heaven … the Ocean of the Supreme Being…Brahman!

In Hindu terms it is referred to as the Atma and Brahman in the Upanishads. Vedanta is the end of the Upanishads. This Atma is Brahman individualized… and Brahman is the Universal Light of God. All divine virtues are within this Light. The Light is Life … and it has an aspect to it which we call Love.
Light … Life … Love… must be called into activity by Self Conscious Directive Consciousness. You and I … we are each that Conscious Directive Force that is continually using this One Universal Light for everything in our life. We are the Universal Light and Life individualized and personalized. We make this a fact of our experience through the initiation of the threefold atonement — transfiguration…resurrection…ascension.

Then, there are no more rebirths; for you have brought a balance to all your karmas over all lifetimes. This initiation is the gateway into the octaves of pure light wherein you become an immortal being such as the ascended masters.

Hence, three phases of one evolutionary unfoldment by bringing the Atmic and Brahmanic Principle … the great I AM … into and through our human field of consciousness. This is the graduation wherein we secure for ourselves permanency in the Atmic Brahmanic consciousness. This is the seamless garment of light that is the culminating experience of all lifetimes.

The Upanishads refer to this unfoldment as it discusses how all things come from the Whole… and all returns into the Whole in what I refer to as the threefold atonement. Realizing Atma and the greater Brahmanic Ocean of pure Consciousness is one aspect … the initial aspect of a threefold atonement process.

…and it has been said that none come to the Father but through the Son. The Son is this only begotten One Light that must be embodied.

I have come down from the octaves of light in the greater universal body to help humanity understand what is required of each person in order to have the life more abundant.

Thy Sovereign Michael


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