Spiritual Sovereignty and Association

About our association and the aspirantship curriculum…

Ye become an aspirant of the Universal Father as He has manifested within thine soul…

Individuals work with Paradise Trinity Endowment, the Living Personality Circuits of the Trinity as this life force energy is extended into creation.

Aspirants access more intimately this divine inner circuit of love and mercy by applying the Seven Eyes of Attainment which offers accessible guidance and instruction with myself and the Universe Mother Spirit.

The Father’s Presence dwells within thy soul, the Son’s presence pervades thy being through the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth, and the Spirit’s presence is Omnipresent and is the source of your mind and the teacher and guide for growing your inner character and attitudes that foster cooperation with the Father’s Spirit.

The Paradise Trinity Endowment acts as a combined living guidance, regenerating the forcefield of the individual and bringing balance to all prior lifetimes through learning to fulfill the law and to live His will and intent.

Spiritual Sovereignty occurs within each personality soul through their single one-pointed focused dedication, and daily application of these eternal precepts, establishing a living faith and trust in God, and understanding the spiritual avenues of Paradise Trinity Endowment.

Through the physical organization of Sovrnty Society I am able to offer instruction, guidance in its application, and actual direct divine experience by nurturing the student’s strength in following the indwelling leadings of the Father’s Presence.

I encourage, nurture, and foster this direct indwelling authority of your own Living flame of God, showing you how to allow that Flame to expand and wash away all struggles and hardship, and returns the individual back to their own sovereignty, freedom of mind and heart, and a deeper fuller alignment with God.

Sovrnty Society acts to organize my teachings which illuminate the spiritual highways and divine personality circuits of the Paradise Trinity Endowment; cooperating with this endowment and applying its precepts and principles fosters awakening to truth on all levels within you, and creates within aspirants a freedom from the constraints that the world can offer. These are the initial stages of the progressive plan of eternal salvation, redemption, and atonement.

The Threefold Atonement which creates for the student a seamless garment of eternal light with everlasting capability to travel throughout the galaxy and certain parts of this local universe…

~Michael of Nebadon