Saint Germain

This Eternal Inner Understanding opens up thine inner doorway of Light. That is the science of the living Word ... the I AM. These are the immaculate teachings of Saint Germain and the Host of the Heavens. 

There is no way to progress in thy personal realization and maturing unless ye draw upon the radiation and direction of the Host; for this is the Network of His Supremacy given to human beings for their evolutionary progression into a fuller Light.

This divine science matures thine personality character and inner consciousness so that you make a sustainable contact with what is true and real ... away from the ephemeral temporary activity of only the senses.

When you command with sincere desire, confident faithful expectation, and a firm unwavering demand to expand thine own Light into and through you ... it is a command from God within thee...

God thou art!

This One Universal Intelligence seeks only one thing; to expand its Kingdom of this One Light. So ... as you align with this Will and Intention of the Universe ... thine personal lifetimes become quickened into righteousness and purity ... strength and great great inner confidence ... a clear mindedness and emotions that are not negatively reacting to outer circumstances any longer but instead you become overflowing with mental peace and tranquility and emotional stillness and pure awareness.

Thus, are we ascending unto the great heights of the higher octaves day by day until that atonement of thine ages wherein you experience the Eternal Embrace!

I AM Michael of this Son Universe


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