Two Varieties of Prophets come unto Thee

BE NOT afraid: desiring those things which profit the spirit ye have made haste according to my words. Making use of the Paradise trinity Endowment given unto humanity for their upliftment and progressions into the greater life everlasting…

Know, beloved, that I have said unto men: Let your ways be of good report, let all your paths be peaceful, let your manners be appropriate to your station and status. Men have said unto me throughout the centuries and in the quiet of their own prayerful adoration of the Father God: Michael, we go to and fro calling on Thee, we ascend to great heights and proclaim Thee, we go down into depths and testify for Thee, verily we are of great speech concerning Thee: why therefore comest Thou not in men's hearts as we have prophesied? I say unto them: Truly have ye prophesied, but from whence came your prophecies? did I not say of old, Many shall prophesy in my name? and was it not said of old that those who came prophesying were prophets?

What availeth it that men should be prophets if their prophecies come not true? I tell you, beloved, prophets are of two kinds: Those who prophesy concerning the world because they have a ‘humor’ that the world hath done poorly by them, therefore do they offer woes, and those who prophesy that their Lord reigneth and it is He who sendeth them. There are prophets, and Prophets: there are those who have a selfishness to serve: there are others who serve Me; prophets are ever grouped in two classes, there are those who serve, there are those who rant.

He who serveth, saith: Behold all things work together for good; he who ranteth saith: Behold all things are abomination, lo, the times are evil, therefore eschew them in that they are Satan's. Makers of calamities are never prophets: behold it is the law that no true prophet foretelleth destruction!  Thereby shall ye know the false prophet from the true.  The true prophet telleth of goodly works: he singeth a song of gladness whereat is a song of rejoicing: he saith unto the multitudes, Behold your Lord reigneth and all things that ye see are excellent, except yourselves and the evils that ye do; Ye be not excellent in that ye hear not His voice telling you to be of good report, one unto the other.

The true prophet hath this in common with the false prophet, that he prophesieth of things to happen affecting men's lives concretely, but the true prophet saith: That which happeneth is sent of the Father for your good. 

O ye of little faith, but great perplexity! The false prophet saith, the earth is the Lord's, get ye hence out of it, ye defilers of it, for ye do make it abhorrent unto the Host. This is the difference: one saith, God loveth, the other saith, God despiseth.  God neither loveth nor despiseth as those terms are known of men: the Father sendeth gifts in that man deserveth them for his continuance; man taketh and is ennobled; Lo, more is sent and man is ennobled more; the Father maketh no mischief to man, ever.

We tell humankind as prophets, Be ye lifted up even as we are lifted up, be ye longsuffering and faithful in devotion and great good accrueth unto you! That is prophecy in purest essence.

Prophets verily have foretold events, but that was because the event was potent with goodly works, even as ye have been told of goodly works about to happen. Prophets are those who see or hear the Father's will conveyed by servants of Light to their brains and who speak accordingly that men may hear and be enhanced. I tell you, beloved, prophecy is not a gift but an accomplishment; it cometh to those who have served long and been faithful in that service so that they know the voices of the angelic ones informing them.

Prophets verily have foretold event in disaster, for verily did they read the signs and omens of disaster portrayed all about them and did warn those who harkened when they spoke; but this was not prophecy, it was only augury.

Make no error in this, my beloved, prophecy is not augury nor omen of evildoings that will occur…and nothing else: prophecy hath in it the eternal values…the everlasting verities or truths that lead men unto greater works and lives, feeding the human spirit and making it to delight in such nourishment; Augury merely foretelleth event, even as the charlatans who do the same for hire, being served by those who think in error, spiritually.

Now I say unto thee further concerning prophecy. . . .

When two men have a grievance each toward the other, they do oft times meet and feel ashamed of that which hath goaded them to anger; they do sit down one by the other and say, wherein have we erred? Have we no interests in common by which we can make proceeds accrue, each to the other, absolving our spirits from this delinquency? Verily they find such interests: they come to understanding, making no mock of each other further, even to embracing in agreement.

Know that they do naught that is exceptional, except to wicked men: they fasten upon each other the golden chain of altruism and all goeth well with them thereafter. But the enemy hath seen such from afar off, and is troubled; he saith unto himself, Behold two men have had a quarrel and now they sit at meat; whence cometh such understanding? is not a quarrel worthy of continuance else why was it begun? So saith he and moveth to cast enmity of glance and word between them that their quarrel may continue.

Those who witness say unto themselves: Behold what evil spirit pursueth these two, that they thus behave, one unto the other? He who but a moment ago spake of loving understanding now is maddened by a fury.
I tell you, beloved, those who see these things happen, drawing earthly conclusion of cause and effect, may rightfully call themselves prophets; but do they not prophesy what will be the outcome if the men be compatible? Do they not say, Behold a good trend succeedeth? If those men continue in their anger, do not the prophets say: Lo, anger is victor and quarrelings rise to strikings and slayings?

Is it prophecy that he who looketh on can say: Thus and so is the outcome? I speak in a parable in truth, yet do ye not see that he who looketh when they are peaceful would spread a good report of the ending of the quarrel, and when the men be wrathful perhaps he will say, Lo, they are wicked and behold they do damage?

These are commonplaces of judgment; but men come to this world who sit in high places with vast multitudes spread below them: instead of two who quarrel they behold races at odds, or creeds, or rulers; Kings and potentates do they discuss unto such audiences: behold they make prognostications, having greater knowledge of facts than those beneath them; So they say, Behold this happeneth and it is good, knowing that it will be well with the sons of men to know that good happeneth. But cometh one who saith: The world is iniquity in act and in deed for I have seen powers striving together;

Lo, he telleth the truth, though he doth a woe to the hearts of those harkening. The first telleth of a goodly thing and when it happeneth in circumstance, men remember it in gratitude: loudly do they sing the praises of him who thus employed their ears: thus is he of renown which goeth forth to many lands and the children's children hear of it. Lo, the other prophesieth equally but the message is of woe and men turn from him saying: 

Our hearts are sickened, let us hear no more of this man for he defileth us with sorrow; In fear do they flee from the sound of his voice; no music proclaimeth him; he is not of moment to the generations even though his words do come true in fact;

For men have a humor to turn from that which displeaseth them and listen to tidings bringing them hope. So I say unto you, beloved, thus are born the prophets. Judge ye well which ye wouldst be: those who sing anthems unto the races, or those who spread the desolation of despair in men's hearts; prophets are godlike in this, in that they ennoble men by tidings of high fortunes: thus are they honored and held in loving memory. I bid that ye take heed to this simple lesson; tell the earth of goodly tidings, of great benefits to happen, and it shall listen to you and give you substance in its gratitude;

Speak ye alone of calamities to happen and ye but handicap yourselves with an obstruction that is grievous; verily an obstruction that is built upon a falseness. The prophets were those who told goodly tidings of great joy to peoples or to persons: they did not listen to little voices seeking like children to commit acts of mischief; They did mark great trends, listen to great messages and impart great truths; they did give up all hope of profit thereby, seeking only to inspire the race to whom they thus addressed themselves. They did say, Behold we have perceived great signs, we have listened to great intelligences, we have sat at the feet of many Elijahs; we do therefore pass along to you that which is too beauteous for us to keep selfishly. Therein they were godlike; therein are they ever godlike; therein do they bless those who sit and hear their wisdom.

I say these things to you in that ye have besought me for instruction that ye might distribute it, being distributors by vocation and servants by election. I say these things not that ye may be great in the eyes of the world but that ye may have knowledge and a goodly message to incline men toward you, causing them to say, Behold these tell us a prognostication of beauty which benefits us, we do honor them because we love the message they do bring to us, making our hearts to sing in a chorus.

These things do I tell you that ye may be efficient in your ministries, not arguing foolishly of things that happen not, or, happening, drive men despairing into hurt of their hopes.

The times are ripe, ripe; the harvest hangeth on the bough; the autumn winds blow and the leaves are heavy with the wisdom of the tree which nourished them; Come I unto you, my beloved, telling you how to gather that harvest.

Await my presence as you invite My Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth into thine own Selfhood to add vigor and harmony . . . and to feed thy urging for peace and constructive tendencies . . .

 for I may come nightly in My true form of the Pure Light unto those who seek to lay claim to their inheritance in nature and divine identity . . . .

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy which Endureth throughout Eternity
Thy Sovereign Son Michael