There I AM in thy Gentle Whisperings

BE CALM and hear me; know that where I come, there can be no error. I come to you saying, Peace in your hearts, peace in your destinies. Presently come to you adventures of spirit, come to you adventures in worldly upbraidings; I say be calm and confident that they are sent of me. There are matters afoot that make mischiefs, beloved; those gather 'round you whose minds are distraught, verily would they assail you physically but are impotent to do damage; lacking love that means strength to make mortal transitions, they screen themselves in thought-clouds that make the hearing difficult.

The words of your hearts have been heard in mine own; I have been auditor to all ye have spoken; I say that it pleaseth me that a great richness of spirit cometh to you, thus do we silence those who do mischiefs. Men are with you in the world who hold speech together saying: Behold we come on a goodly land where floweth milk and honey.

In that land are those who say, It is our land, we have inherited it from our fathers, we enjoy its  privileges and benefits, we have no quarrel with those who dwell afar, we mean them well, we say to them: Enjoy your land also, for did not the Father give it to you likewise?

I say unto you, beloved, each man hath his country inviolate to his race, the Father gave it to him; each man hath his privileges and benefits in his country, he goeth to and fro in it as a citizen knowing its customs and its laws. Behold come those of other lands saying: Our country is not as yours, it is filled with indiscretion of custom, it holdeth no meat that is ample for sustenance, it hath a sorry aspect, it is confined within limits that no man sitteth rightly, we are citizens of it under protest, lo, we seek yours and the benefits thereof.

Behold the other countrymen say, Accept ye these benefits and dwell in peace among us. But lo, they are deceivers who apply for such admission, they seek favors not honest in sight of the Father, they covet greedily that which they possess not; they say, Behold we have numbers, therefore we take.  I say unto you, beloved, there are times ahead when men of such stripe are cast out of all countries and shall enter into none; they shall be dispersed among the nations, the deserts shall receive them.

Men have a grievance against those who covet grievously; they have wars in their hearts against those who seek favors and remain to deceive them.  Men await the Golden Time, I tell you, when those in high places shall say with vigor, Lo, the Father giveth to each race its place of habitation, stay in it and  beautify it, be prolific in its confines, multiply and do good to your neighbor, seize not his person nor that which he owneth because it is sightly of proportion and aspect.

I say unto you, beloved, the time draweth nigh when man hath a charge to keep for his neighbor; it is that of propriety, keeping his covenants, walking uprightly, doing that which is seemly, asking that  others shall treat with him nobly.  I say unto you it is princely for those in high places to look afar and yet covet not, to beautify that which hath been given them, to walk with honor among all races, making the kingdom come on such part of earth as hath been allotted by the Father.

Beloved, I charge you: see to it that ye do address those in high places and say: Be continent in your  desires, keep within the limits of your probity, make no demands on others that give them a tumult or smite them with a mourning. Speak to the nations and tell them my purpose: that I come to confine them within their own boundaries, . . . that I say to each ruler: Be first in your kingdom but let it be covenant with you to preserve the integrity of your own domain, struggle not having covetousness as the spine of your diplomacy but say to your neighbors, Peace is our compact. . . .

When ye have need of strength, I bid that ye think on Me, and I will send you My Comforter Spirit to guide ye unto all truth and love. My Comforter, who shall abide with you always and keep all evil from your pathways, in so far as ye are accountable for all that ye have set into motion and that ye learn to live most fully the Law of thine Existence . . . the Law of Love and Harmony, Order and Mercy...

My Spirit and my love go with you and sustain you: know that I am sent by the Father Source, and I and the Mother Infinite . . . Her Holy Spirit . . . seek to raise you out from the womb of the Mother Earth unto thy System Solar, thine Galaxy citizenship. I have come in the flesh once again . . . unto thee for thine blessing and thine benefit, having come into a fully adult male body direct from the Oversoul of Mine being. I am commissioned unto thee to protect you as a shield of protection from the world's alarms and the incessant machinations of an ever-growing dissatisfaction that plagues the civilizations of the world; for soon all will crave with an insatiable hunger and thirst for My Spirit and their own union eternal with the Spirit of the Father of all eternity. 

Ye are  . . . in thy moments of quiet confusion and distress . . . torn for love of Me when ye do have no need to be; for I preside at the helm of thine Life force existence as thine very Selfhood. Closer am I than thine breath and more subtle and powerful do I enfold thee with My Guidance. I am subtle, and so must you become more subtle and sensitive to My whispering and gentle nudges of fortitude and awareness.
Know then, that I am with you always, even in moments of blackest turmoil wherein all appears to be lost and a leaving of thine most precious human assets are being discarded from thine human field of density. 

Thou art the very power and glory of the Infinite made manifest unto the creation . . . the visible manifestation of the Father’s Love and Mercy; for I know ye to be the Supreme of God . . . the Living Christic Intelligence that animates all, and is the Self Directive One that seeks to bring forth the gentle blossoming of all things Constructive, all creations that are True, Beautiful, and Good.

Ye shall seek Me in the rustling of the trees, behind the very winds of the natural world in the Kingdom of nature and the blessed animal Kingdom. Find My Spiritual Force operating on inconceivable octaves throughout the creation calling all ever upwards like an omnipotent magnet of love and care unto thee. Thine Presence divine remains always as the underlying force and life that I AM in and throughout all appearances .

 . . . so you may find me in the most of simple places without any fanfare or glamour nor any self-importance or self-centeredness of the human consciousness. I dwell from the most intelligent unto the most basic of intelligences . . . and all are most…absolutely most precious in Mine sight, Beloved.

I bid that ye trust Me and believe in the possibilities of what I am soon to bring forward to enhance the further preparation of thine species; to have faith and invite My Comforter unto thine field of life as guide, teacher, and friend;  for I AM the One who whispers in thine ear to do goodly things and to act righteously with thine creative free will…showing you with tender care that to find happiness is not to make thine self noticeable, yet to serve our Cause by becoming all that I AM in thy Consciousness.

 I surround thee, My Beloved  . . . Supreme God in all that ye think and feel, speak and act. I enshroud thee within my fold of everlasting Goodness and Peace...

I AM Immersed Forever in the Majestic Love and Mercy of Our Source and Center... for there is such a place of Paradise wherefrom I have just come unto thine midst to share with thee, and to reignite thine own faith and Love for the Most Generous and Gracious Persons of the Trinity Source...
Michael of this Son Universe