The Father of Us All in Creative Wisdoms

KNOW that men have often said that I am son of God, meaning a literal father dwelling in a literal heaven, surrounded by his messengers and judging all men according to their deeds.

2 I bid you to behold that such is a compromise between the truth and what they would believe of their own pictures in form, not knowing how to picture the abstract.

3 But this is important: There are those amongst you, in flesh and out of it, who have seen what no man ever hath seen, they have made their penetration to vast distances of spirit, they have found there sights and sounds beyond earthly comprehension;

4 Behold they have returned to earth to tell of those experiences, to relate what happened to them of their mental senses;

5 They have pictured unto those below them on the earth-plane a series of dramas apparently occurring within their inspection at the times of their visitations;

6 These have taken form and become apparent to earthly brains as the expression of theology.

7 Now let me tell you the truth about these things, that ye may be wise above your generation,

8 And yet I say unto you, repeat it circumspectly, for verily it transcendeth men's knowledge of the present.

9 The Father, who rendereth unto you a picture of divine paternity, is vaster than men think, in that out of the infinite cometh Reason by a process that hath in it Creation as ye know it;

10 This Reason is the Voice of Creation telling men, born and unborn, of vast mysteries.

11 These mysteries, beloved, are choice of selection: by that I mean they encompass circumstances that cannot be interpreted except as man compareth them with the knowledge which he hath in his own experience.

12 But this voice of reason is more than argument; it hath in it potencies that take form in thought.

13 I speak unto you with wisdom when I say that all of us are Thoughts manifesting in so-called Matter, which itself is Thought, not a projection of the intellect but a conceiving of things as they might be, wherefore they are.

14 By this I mean, Thought is of eternity, before Matter, being all that there is in the Cosmos.

15 The Cosmos in turn is Thought; it began to manifest in matter trillions of millennia ago in earthly time for a reason.

16 It was impossible to conceive, even emotionally, without Form of some kind to give Thought character and measurement.

17 When I tell you that the earth-plane, and mortal life, are but types of thought measurement, I explain life closer to truth than in any other way or by any other measurement.

18 Life is projection of Thought indeed, but it is Thought projecting in terms of quantities for measurement of itself for evaluation of its own attributes.

19 To utter it differently unto you, Life hath in it the essence of Thought while at the same time it is Thought; this I perceive ye do know.

20 When I speak then of the Father, I speak verily of one who ruleth the Host of all Thought Streams, a Spirit so aged that no man knoweth Its antiquity.

21 This Spirit in power is beyond even my conceiving, even as I was temporarily beyond your conceiving whilst in mortal flesh.

22 This Spirit existeth and endureth, older I say than any known to the host of those of whom I have knowledge; He is not God as men conceive God, nevertheless He is so wise in His conceiving that His power transcendeth that of any spirit projected onto any plane of which we have wisdom.

23 When I say that I am son of God and refer to the Father, invariably I refer to this Spirit because with Him I am in touch and know no greater beyond Him.

24 I tell you, beloved, I believe others to be beyond Him, but of them I have no knowledge and probably never will have knowledge, they ever receding as we approach them.

25 When therefore I say that the Father existeth, and yet I say there is no God but Thought, I do not speak a paradox, neither do I fabricate; we have spirits here with us upon the Higher Side so powerful of knowledge, concept, and constructive emotionalism, that they do transcend even myself who am given the earth as my temporary ruling place.

26 These spirits are known unto me intimately and unto you when ye are out of your flesh.

27 These Infinite Spirits, for I call them such, greater in power than any known to mortal men, have control of the universe as men know it; they are omnipotent and omnipresent in the world and in the universe, ruling it by thought projection and enabling it to function.

28 I have come amongst men for this purpose time and time again, not to manifest omnipotence, for omnipotence is always relative and strictly speaking even the Ruler of the Host hath it not;

29 But I am come among men to teach them something higher than that which they perceive in their earthly travail.

30 I have come as instructor, not as ruler, although by mine instruction do I rule; I have come into flesh times beyond count, manifesting unto men what they may attain even in blinded and handicapped concepts of the present.

31 I have shown them the way, the truth, and the light, particularly the light; now we are come into this situation:

32 Man hath said, There is no God; I say unto you, God in truth is Thought Incarnate; but in men's saying they have meant, There is no ruler unto whom we are accountable.

33 In such concept their erring hath been grievous.

34 Truly there are twenty million rulers unto whom they are accountable, for each species and kind hath its rulers unto whom it is accountable, whether on planes of earth or planets afar in Decimal Space.

35 Know ye that humankind as it is beheld by men is not the only manifestation of mortality, although humankind hath a state unto itself; planets beyond your ken have their species and races and cohorts and potentates, dwelling in all sorts and conditions of livinghood and making practice of their talents according to their development of intellect.

36 Verily animals are some of these, although far, far down on the scale of intelligence, so far down that whole groups are sometimes required to express one psyche.

37 What I would tell you this hour is this: There is one God in respect that there is a Ruler of the planetary systems; this ruler, I say, is an old, old Spirit, older than any of us have a knowledge.

38 His comings and goings are marked by vast cataclysms, so that stars do perish and reassemble in His presence; verily is He incarnate in the universe as ye do know the universe of sight and sound, yet doth He dwell in presence upon a far, far planet, greater in extent than your minds can encompass.

39 Behold I do go unto Him for instruction at intervals, a Living Entity who hath so great a power that for Him to speak is for creation to consummate.

40 Gods hath He in turn beyond Him, of similar structure, vastness, and incomprehensibility, for the universe hath no end in majesty.

41 These things we must conceive to get our errands clear.

42 Mayhap the day arriveth when we too shall be so great that whole world systems are born at our speaking, but that altereth not the fact that there dwelleth in Infinity a Creature and a creation of such vastness of concept that He knoweth the comings and goings of planets as doves in a cage that is hung in a casement.

43 Mark this well, my beloved: He hath knowledge of you, even as I have knowledge of you; He saith unto me nightly, What of thy fellowship with those who dwell with thee on the planet Earth and the concepts thereof in thought? . . . . . . have those who compose it kept faith with thee? . . . . .is it so that they please thee? for great shall be their reward in knowledge if they do perform at thy desire and in fulfillment of thine instruction.

44 I say unto Him, Verily it is so, Father of Us All in Creative Wisdom; report I progress day unto day; night unto night seeth the action advanced whereby the Man Spirits cleave unto my principles and advance in knowledge of spiritual evaluations.

45 Make no mock of this, beloved: a Spirit watcheth over me even as I watch over my friends and compatriots in the work of raising humankind to knowledge, that it proceedeth upward, millennium by millennium.

46 Now mark this well: When it cometh time that we have completed our labors and man no longer hath need of this planet, this thing happeneth: the world as ye do know it disintegrateth in Thought.

47 Out of the mouth of the Father cometh thunderings, declaring a newer and more nearly perfect location for humankind, a better prepared planet, where men do dwell in fleshly concept that is nearer perfection than that which now prevaileth, that they may learn other lessons not addicted to the pleasure-pain experience.

48 The time cometh when men shall say, There is no God as we have known Him, not even celestial ruler of our group; we have no use for rulership, for verily we do rule ourselves; hoaxed have we been by ministers and priests; all, all is theological vanity and humor wrongly placed in our concepts; we have knowledge only of essences; these we rely on; teach us not blasphemies of ourselves.

49 Say unto them, beloved: Lo, it is not so, for verily ye do have two rulers: He who was Jesus of Nazareth ruling you immediately and He who ruleth over the Order of which Jesus of Nazareth is a member and in whose household he standeth well.

50 Transcribe this, my beloved, in pictures of gold within frames of silver; tell it with diamonds as your pigments, for so important is it that man should know this that it transcendeth every debacle of reasoning whereof men stand convicted.

51 We have known of old of this ancient ruling Spirit, but man hath conceived of Him wrongly, I tell you; man hath called Him God of Wrath and Torture, of unpleasant utterance and divine malediction;

52 Verily, verily, it is not so!

53 Greater is He in beauty than I have ever shown myself unto man, greater in understanding, greater in toleration, greater in infinite compassion for verily hath He not encompassed the world within His bosom and doth He not encompass it daily and hourly? . . .

54 My beloved, we have an immediate Father so intimate that to think of Him is to know Him, and to live in flesh is to be part of His substance, for verily His incarnation is in the universe itself as ye perceive it: that is His body and His flesh, although He dwell in addressable Spirit a trillion miles afar.

55 I would have you take this literally, no lesson being greater that I have taught you.

56 All up and down men's ages have come those saying: We see not this God, this Ancient Ruler, this Omnipresent One, and in that we cannot point Him out, we deny Him.

57 Verily, my beloved, they speak as children who have not received wisdom from logic and experience. . . . 

Excerpt Courtesy of The Golden Scripts

Esu Kumara Michael of Nebadon