Sovereignty and Supremacy is the Goal for Humanity

"All things beautiful accrue to us as we fulfill the law. All things real become our heritage and our destiny. All things noble ennoble us unto greater character and a wider birth in our consciousness of the infiniteness of life. This conscious quickening into light is the goal for the collective race and for the individual. This is mastery of all energies drawn forth and released through that individual in all octaves of activity. Establishing this completion and fulfillment is Sovrnty. This is our dedication to those individuals who are bringing forth the fire of their personal dedication to this everlasting task at hand. It is your personal completion of every and all earth lifetimes and your entrance into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the Living Network of Supremacy with the Host of Heaven." 

~Thy Sovereign Son Michael

1.the quality or state of being spiritually sovereign by entering into a personal spiritual relationship with the Universal Presence; the beginnings of sovereignty with, in, and of the Source of All that Is; receiving of the Spirit of Truth and the indwelling Spiritual Presence; living the human life religiously and by faith and trust in God.

the status, dominion, power, or authority of a sovereign being through sonship with the Triune God – Everlasting Father, Eternal Mother Son, Infinite Spirit; royalty as a son or daughter of the Source; possession of natural rights and accountability as a co-creative agent; consciousness of God through the techniques of intelligent prayer and sincere worship and relationship; unbroken communion with God.

supreme and independent power or authority in your own god being through the act of becoming spiritually sovereign; becoming one with spirit indwelling;  the courage to accept initiation leading into eternal salvation and everlasting union; the opening to a living faith that quickens into transfiguration, resurrection, ascension.

guided by the leadings of the indwelling spiritual Presence and the Spirit of Truth; awakened to the plan of progressive evolution through the progressive revelation of Spirit; the culmination of the human evolution by becoming immortal and individualized as God; the beginnings of the eternal progression.

a return to our rightful status, freedom and independence by being a faith son or faith daughter of the Universal Parent; a sovereign state of conscious being, realization of the universal community through the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood Universal; spiritual integrity by taking upon thyself the seamless garment of eternal Life.

divine insight and spiritual perception as an outgrowth of true and living faith; faith-trust relationship, realization, and revelation of God by the God-seeking individual; personal spiritual relations with the Universal Father Mother opening the way into genuine personal experience; a living faith that securely holds one to knowing the certainty of God’s watchcare and guidance.

a living faith that is personal, original, spontaneous; extraordinary faith awakening spirit attainment, moral, ethical devotion and integrity; intellectual emancipation which is seeking first and foremost the kingdom of the heavens and fellowship within the universal kingdom of God; sublime religious experience anchored with a profound endowment of spiritual reality; consecration and dedication in the doing of the Will of Eternity; the offering of the one human gift to God our Father Mother – the expansion of our free will into God’s Will and Divine Intent for us.

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