Presence, Purity, and Perfection

From thou ancient writings ye have heard it said … Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings the Lord hath ordained truth. I say unto you that children are the mouthpieces of the eternal ones; through the childlike do they manifest to flesh.

Become as a little child … only then can ye enter the kingdom of Light … the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. It is thus true . . . children possess the Light . . . they hold the immaculate Light . . . see their radiance and truthfulness beyond the borders of societal politeness.  Children are the mouthpieces of the eternal ones indeed: they have no knowledge unto themselves yet do they speak with an authority, having a knowledge of heavenly things unsoiled of worldly contacts.  Mark ye my wisdom: the sons of men have all been children, but more than this, the Sons of Light are always children. I hold a countenance of childlikeness within My being.

They have Light in their hearts; they are simple of concept, having no evil in their natures; they have no conflict within their spirits; their intellects give them no burden. They are unsophisticated and hold themselves naturally…simply.  Adult mankind hath a humor to deride children for their simplicity and ignorance of the world; I tell you, that is their shield and protection: their simplicity exalteth them.

I say unto thee once again in mere simplicity herein, Except ye become as children ye can in nowise enter the kingdom of Light. I speak of children as an answer to the eternal question, What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?  What shall it profit a man indeed if he lose the simplicity of his childhood? Wherein cometh the profit and glory, the reward and treasure to a sister if she knoweth not birds, and stars, and flowers?

Pity the adulterated for their blindness which comes about through pride and arrogance: yea, they have need of pity.  Much knowledge maketh the heart to sicken, even as sorrow maketh it to suffer.  Children have knowledge; they are temples of purity which the Society hath defiled not; they come to earth fresh from transcendent planes where they have seen and heard beauty of spirit unsullied by fleshly concepts.

Treat with them, I tell you, as incubators of eternal concepts; listen to their prankings of speech and behavior and answer with tolerance; harken to their voices when they make strange utterings.  Verily little children shall lead the kingdom, for I tell you that a little child is the holiest thing alive.  Can one who is not a child stand in a great place and say, This is the Master, see ye him, hear ye him?

Can those of worldly wisdom say, Long have we heard His words in our hearts, long have we visited Him in our spirits, long have we known Him by concept and precept, long hath He taught us of the comings and goings of the eternal throng climbing the ladders of doubt to the heights of understanding?  In Truth, I say to thee once again… the childlike say with me, that which is written cannot be unwritten, that which is said cannot be unsaid.

That which is written compriseth words of truth unable to express themselves except in action; that which is said compriseth words of Incarnate Thought sent unto you and the world of men that ye shouldst cohabit one with the other and know the words of Truth in your lives. . . .

I AM Michael of this Son Universe