Prepare for Me the Way to Enter into thine Unfoldments

Thus, I share with thee the matters that are the concernments of my wisdom. . . .

I have struck unto thee a chord of Mighty Love and Wisdom, and ye have responded in thy best interest; I have shown you the wonders of our intended Ideal for thy progression, and ye have taken me at my word in trust and good faith; I have taken you up into a new mount of transfiguration in the succeeding of this Ideal for thine Self, and I have offered for your perceptions and insights a gaze into the souls of the radiant;

Ye have said unto me, Michael, how cometh it that thou showest not thyself unto all the world, that it should believe that thou art in thy flesh and manifesting still?

Thus my spirit maketh answer: And why should I do it? that the world might deride me? did I not show myself unto the world and did it not slay me? what doth it benefit the world to know that one who is divine hath rulership over it, when those who are of evil receive its fond homage?

I tell you, beloveds who are receptive unto Mine Being, that those who are caught in the wickedness of their lowest nature must be struck with a dumbness, they must fall by their own error and ordeals, the earth must receive them; then shall the world say, Behold there was no rulership in them, they swayed by might, they drove the population as a swineherd and we were their swine; and thus, we are opening for true rulership divine which comes from the universal parent of Us all . . .

 Now are they fallen and we see their iniquities, now come we therefore to raise our eyes higher, to see a whiter brilliance than the lure of concupiscence. Only in this way without forcing the higher onto the lower can thy species . . . thy race be made ready for true leadership divine.

The world hath marveled that evil is in it, yet where are those who will lift their voices crying, Evil is among us, it is made for our serfdom, behold they are like ourselves who have wrought it, let us arise and cast them out for they work a foul bondage upon us all?

I tell you, beloved, unless there be those who arise and cast it out, the Prince of Glory . . . the Living Christic Omnipotence cannot enter.

What profiteth the prince to make one with his swineherds? can they ever think his thoughts? do their swine's gruntings please him? is it fair that he should divest himself of raiment and wallow nakedly in mire that his presence there should cleanse it? I tell thee, it shall not be so . . .

The prince is the prince. He calleth to his minions saying, prepare for me the way, that I should walk in beauty. Am I not the prince? Do I not lead my people in that I am that which it pleaseth most of them to be?
I tell you, my beloved, this is not pride nor an arrogance of some sort; it is appreciating values and honoring what is given from above.

The aspirant and wise ones who seeketh truth and justice . . .  the learned ones ever and anon seek to prepare a place for the greater consciousness to enter; the prince seeketh princes that their intercourse be princely; those who are sodden and spoiled are effected from living at their baseness, no spoken wisdom nor the influx of the greater Life I AM raiseth them, they must see of their faults that evil hath no diadem. This is evolution . . . when the faulty and ignorant gain wisdom from their own departure from error.

Behold there are those who say, Why cometh not the Prince of Peace unto us? doth the world not wish for Him? why tarrieth He in mournings that His world will have none of Him?

I say it is not the world's fault that the Prince of Peace tarrieth; I say it is the fault of those who walk unrightly, they do clamor for a sustenance, they give His ears no surcease. There are no ends to the clamoring for help and guidance, and yet, when help avails itself of them, there are few to none who can taketh it upon themselves for their own enoblement. . . their own illumination.

Always they demand that their coffers of increase be filled to overflowing, after that cometh peace as the Prince of Peace willeth it.

Is this not venomous and of the poisons of this worldly race, that it permitteth no wonders to accrue among the nations?

I say unto the evil man, Get thee hence, thou art an abomination unto my sight! but to the unthinking thus do I address myself, and am I to wage a war in my person that I should come among you knouting you to beauty?

Have it as ye will it; for ye must come to understand that thine circumstances is a product of thine own choices and decisions…thine own making, so why would I pretend to interfere with thine desires of free will choice. I will not, and I offer thee thine illusions of freedom by thine own placements of attention and worship.

When ye are willing to receive the bounties from a vast beneficence, then peace shall descend upon you, ye shall know it indeed, it shall rise up and endow you with witcheries of increase that ye know not of at present;

Thereat shall I come to take over my kingdom, thereat shall I be witnessed as a king among the princelings.
And yet I come soon, for the time is at hand!

Hear these things, beloved; keep them in your hearts!

I have come unto mine own, and my own have received me, but those without honor have watched for me vainly.

How know the swineherds of the world that the king hath visited? must he come to their hovels and beat drums upon their doorstones?

I say, mine own know me! Those who are truly readied by their own choices and decisions of value shall know of Mine presence; for I am here amongst thee yet, and only an infinitesimal amongst thee can find me here. And this is Mine own workings until that time when most all are made readied by their own free will leanings.

Keep a sweet heart, O ye world, for the number of them is vast; they go and come mightily; their ranks know a swelling.

Thus speak I this hour. . . .

Out of the loud drum beateth the praise that refuseth to be silenced, out of the clear trumpet cometh the summons that those who are to sit with me at the king's table and sup with Me should have their couches of feasting prepared for them.

Go ye forth into the world and harvest it that your joy may be great when the Holy One arriveth and looketh to your increase. . . . 

Adonai unto those with a mind readied to open and receive of Me
Michael of this Son Universe