Noble Good Thoughts Enoble thy Stature

I come unto you as one who loveth you and knoweth his welcome; I recognize who and what you are, and I bring legions of angels to assist thy way as you open to receive of My help.

I hold no offense for that which is spoken in the wrath of impatience, when the impatience be alarm for the progress of the kingdom in men's hearts. I tell you this to comfort your fears; I do know of your fears in present circumstance, yet I know also your fealty...your loyalty and thy free will honor, that it cannot be disturbed.

Take no thought of small misgivings; let circumstance bear home to you the beauty of the care that is rendered unto you. I beg that ye do hear me in the spirit of truth; for that purpose come I unto you that ye may know that the things which perplex you are sound in essence; they are honest perplexities, therefore do I answer them. . . .

Ye are sorely exercised that events within thine life in the flesh disappointeth you; I say, it is grievous to the heart, yet have I not also known disappointment? Have I not known delay?

Would that I could lead the race out from its error in a short span of thy time; gladly would I pay with my life again, yea ten thousand times ten thousand lives, but men will not have it so, lacking understanding.

I blame them not for this; I wait with a patience which no man knoweth; but I see the goodly work going forward daily, being manifest, and I bide my time with other concerns in other areas of My dominion.

Listen well, My Beloveds ... for I arrive at thy doorstep to speak with thee in this simple format of ways…

I come bringing you substance, I send dear ones unto you to counsel and protect you who have sacrificed their own home planets and families so that they can serve the greater progressions of this universe that is our responsibility. I think no evil of those who instruct you even in extreme error, being patient with men as with little children who are misguided by their fiendish motivations, playing tricks upon the minds of the populace believing it to be acting in cleverness.

Let thyself invite and invoke the peace that the Host of Heaven brings unto thee. Remain of goodly countenance; gird up thy loins and offer thy human emotions built from the senses into the flame of thine transfiguration; be thankful and joyous that we can communicate together by thought; let no outer event taint thy happiness in serving by your becoming; live in beauteous respect, each for the other; counsel one another; hear one another's sufferings; it is truth that thy sufferings vanish away as mists before the sun as you partake of My teachings leading you into the eternal embrace.

I tell you that I desire in mine own heart of hearts for the human race to mature and develop to the point of receptivity. I make no pretense at mine own humiliation at delay; I abide only in the thought that I serve daily those who need me most, and they come unto me finally saying, Michael, forgive us, for we did much carelessly, and we seek to make amends for all misgivings that we have set in motion

Beauteous indeed are the rewards when we say unto those who have thwarted us, Peace be upon your troubled spirits, ye have done no harm except unto yourselves.

Let us not be overbearing with our wisdom; let us learn to transfigure evil thoughts and worldly desires, knowing that we dwell within the greater Body of the Fountainhead of all Life.

All things beautiful accrue to us as we fulfill the law of our existence. All things real become our heritage...our destiny to partake of. All things noble ennoble us unto greater character and a wider birth in our consciousness of the infiniteness of life.

Be available to others to listen and receive; for to give is to receive of others. This is true giving! Bear with others i this listening way without being quick to offer your wisdom and counsel. listen and take all into thine heart and in that much will become healed.  Help them, serve them, love them, do goodly works among them, think goodly thoughts concerning them. Turn none away who ask of you, earnestly seeking that ye give them wisdom; though they ask for your lives, give them as ye can, except that part which belongeth to me and to our work.

Peace be unto you, and a noble living, until we be gathered together with the great labor finished. I embrace you in the name of all goodly things that come to the race.

I AM thy Sovereign Son which ye are coming to understand is One who guides thy way, even from the beginnings of thine existence in time and space.


Michael of Nebadon