Angels in Flesh do Walk within thine Midst

HAVE I not told you that I come unto you as ye invite me? have I not told you that I instruct you as ye attain to greater merit? This hour I instruct you further in heavenly doctrine, that the truth may engulf you and lift you to mastership. . . .

Verily men do have a humor to know that which is withheld from them; they come unto me saying, Michael, we are progressing in Thy name and know not the progress; we are prophesying in Thy name and know not the prophecies; we are testifying unto Thee but our roles are sealed unto us; whereof is our distinction if men know not our importance?

I say unto them, the roles that ye fill are important as ye do make them of importance; the prophecies ye prophesy are true as ye pursue them unto substance. To none is it given to prophesy of eternal things except him who is come from me and out of my side; behold the wisdom is spoken by members of my family, from my plane and function. They say unto me, we have heard it uttered that he who would prophesy of Thee must have clean hands and a pure heart, giving himself not to iniquity at any time;

Lo, we have kept the faith, we have tried to keep our purity, we have sought no false gods, we have been constant in our attentions upon Thee: wherefore then are we not prophets? I say unto them, It is pleasing unto me that ye have kept the faith, it is pleasing unto me that ye have dwelt in purity, pursuing no false ideals, making no abominations, preaching no false doctrines;

But I demand more from you than this before I do make you my prophets in truth: I demand that ye do go through lives without number, preparing yourselves as instructors by long suffering until your characters are attestments of the wonders of your prophecies.

They say unto me, Michael, what hath that to do with Thy work? have we not kept the faith and is that not attestment? have we not been constant in our attendance on Thee and is that not a witness to our purity of conscience?

I say unto them, Verily of a kind, but not enough: I seek those who have paid for their wisdom with a price, I seek those who have given themselves over countless generations to be my servants, who have dwelt with me and walked with me in person through many lands and times, I seek those who have walked upright through great shadowlands of doubt, error, and obstruction;

I disdain not your faith, I disparage not your loyalty, I mock not your experience or attendance upon me; but those who do minister unto me before the nations must be those who have proven themselves to be of a high, high order of intelligent spirituality; lo, unto these I give much, for I know that they will use it aright again, verily as they have used it in times that are memories.

There are those in the earth, tilling it in mine honor, who have no knowledge of themselves as prophets, neither have they knowledge of myself as master; they go and come in the market places and in the vineyards as scribes and pharisees among men without knowledge of their identities as sons of Light;

Verily is it true that they are angels of a sort, sent earthward as messengers against your transgression in due order; and yet I say more: There are those who test you constantly, not from a malice but ever for your good, which I presently explain, knowing that ye do have need of it.

There are those on planes of earth who have manifested unto me in many ages, not as men and women but as Radiant Ones; they have come and gone in your lives of the present as servants of mine, messengers and ministers in flesh, making you to see the earth after its nature as an abiding place for the children of men. My beloved, hear my voice: that which cometh unto you is sent of me to school you for your vaster trials ahead.

Great indeed will be your crucifixion of spirit as time progresseth; great indeed will be your trials with weaker natures surrounding you on every hand, even as they did surround me and did mock me when I would do them most good. Know that ye will be laughed at, and mocked, ridiculed in public and by others, yet do know that I celebrate thee and honor thee for thine trials and tribulations, for thine efforts in My behalf, and for the energies ye have dispensed with pure intent to act upon thine freedom for thyself and all others.

Learn of me and be comforted: the enemy assaileth bitterly; he lieth in wait as a lion, as a wolf, as a fox, yea even as a weasel and a snake in the grass; he rendeth you cruelly; but if ye do have strength of me, he cannot overcome you; I speak as one who hath lived many lives in flesh.

Ye have heard it said that man goeth to his long home. Verily he goeth not willingly, in that he seeth no reason for the journeying; he hath no purpose clear before him, therefore he shrinketh from contact with Eternity.

Know that I have come to him to encourage him by giving him sustenance in idealism. He hath said unto himself, the things of eternity are unpleasant in that they are unknown; verily he hath a humor in this, and of it he will know presently. I say that ye do have missions to instruct him in that idealism which I have set before him.

Beloved, be advised: there are in flesh certain entities who are messengers of mine sent by the Host to do you good; they have one thought only, to execute my will; Such will compriseth this instruction: that ye shall be protected physically and mentally from too great trial having as its essence the undoing of your natures.

By this I mean that they are instructed to give you sustenance whenever circumstance rideth you unto unbearableness. Some who protect you are not in flesh, they are not seen of mortal eye; others may inhabit the bodies of your dearest friends, not aware of their own identities as I have told you, only that they are of service when the time cometh for service in the proper instance.

Ye have entertained angels unawares indeed! No miracles have proclaimed them, for that would be a form of trickery, and in my work there is no such trickery possible. Dwell on this, beloved. There are those about you who have come to earth to prosecute my plan with you; they are human only in their bodies; Bear with those bodies, tolerate those physical weaknesses which result in misgivings and misinterpretations of motives; 

Be strong in leadership, beloved; know that I sustain you and those with you; I come unto them in ways that ye know not. Beloved, I instruct you in this guise: ye have entertained angels unawares; continue so to entertain them in my name. I say unto you, the future hath no greater mystery in its folds than this, that knowledge of yourselves is your shield of power; live up to that shield a thousand times, I adjure you, then live it once again.

Concerning things spiritual I have said often, ye must be born as little children to inherit the Kingdom, children not as infants but as progenitors of simple understandings of phenomena that vex the worldly cautious. 

Hear my voice, beloved; give heed unto my counsel: the world expecteth more of you than of all others whom ye serve; to you the Host looketh as my servants, perfect in stature, divine in understanding, strong in tolerance, beauteous in patience, excellent in service, and beloved of men for the light which shineth from you. 

I adjure you from a great understanding to be calm amongst yourselves, knowing that the work hath vital need of all of you else ye would not be accredited to it. I tell you angels are about you, in and out of flesh, that ye do meet and talk with them daily, that they do serve you at my behest, that they come back to me with report of your zeal.

In that ye serve, ye are served, my beloved! 

Harken to my voice; give heed unto mine instruction; be wise above your generation; I say that I care for you through my minions of Light; I send them ministering unto you, even as I too minister. Take ye my words within your hearts that this is so, and be joyous with one another in that such is paramount in your lives' experience. 

Make no mockery of my principles to others through garrulity of conversation in speaking unto strangers; counsel yourselves in your intercourse with others; Sweeten your cup of conversation with references to me, but cast not your pearls of experience of a value, to be trampled into mire of facetious observations. . . .

Again, I have told you I come unto thee in this simple and barely noticeable way to reach in the hearts of those who hold a true desire for union with Me...with the Father Principle I AM. And for those who are unwilling to adhere to My principles and open to mine teachings in this way, allow those to become exhausted by their own evolutionary errors in the senses of the outer world. One day they too shall crave truth and eternity and will be more cooperative to join us in our universal efforts to raise this universe and the surrounding others into greater Glory...

Michael of this Son Universe