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Sovereignty and Supremacy is the Goal for Humanity

"All things beautiful accrue to us as we fulfill the law. All things real become our heritage and our destiny. All things noble ennoble us unto greater character and a wider birth in our consciousness of the infiniteness of life. This conscious quickening into light is the goal for the collective race and for the individual. This is mastery of all energies drawn forth and released through that individual in all octaves of activity. Establishing this completion and fulfillment is Sovrnty. This is our dedication to those individuals who are bringing forth the fire of their personal dedication to this everlasting task at hand. It is your personal completion of every and all earth lifetimes and your entrance into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the Living Network of Supremacy with the Host of Heaven." 

~Thy Sovereign Son Michael

Sov·er·eign·ty 1.the quality or state of being spiritually sovereign by entering into a personal spiritual relationship with the Universal Presence; the…

Precepts of Our Instruction to Students

Precepts Michael illuminates the spiritual highways that lead unto the Father of Eternity; for He has given a fragment of Himself unto thee which desires to fuse eternally with you the personality soul. In this miraculous way of the Triune God, ye shall become a dynamic personalization of the Supreme God within time and space creation. It is said that the mortal shall put on immortality as a garment of everlasting light.
Unto you who would seek the true empowerment to create only Love, to bring forth the God power within, and to command all imperfection into the Perfection of Light. The way of freedom and victory is to have living faith and trust in God necessary to dissolve all things unto pure Spirit. God must become a living reality in your life. You must become bold in order to actualize your true individuality; the awakened personality that the Universal Source originally intended for you.
Learn to discern His Will from your own; for that is the most direct route towards achievin…

Noble Good Thoughts Enoble thy Stature

I come unto you as one who loveth you and knoweth his welcome; I recognize who and what you are, and I bring legions of angels to assist thy way as you open to receive of My help.

I hold no offense for that which is spoken in the wrath of impatience, when the impatience be alarm for the progress of the kingdom in men's hearts. I tell you this to comfort your fears; I do know of your fears in present circumstance, yet I know also your fealty...your loyalty and thy free will honor, that it cannot be disturbed.
Take no thought of small misgivings; let circumstance bear home to you the beauty of the care that is rendered unto you. I beg that ye do hear me in the spirit of truth; for that purpose come I unto you that ye may know that the things which perplex you are sound in essence; they are honest perplexities, therefore do I answer them. . . .
Ye are sorely exercised that events within thine life in the flesh disappointeth you; I say, it is grievous to the heart, yet have I not als…

Two Varieties of Prophets come unto Thee

BE NOT afraid: desiring those things which profit the spirit ye have made haste according to my words. Making use of the Paradise trinity Endowment given unto humanity for their upliftment and progressions into the greater life everlasting…
Know, beloved, that I have said unto men: Let your ways be of good report, let all your paths be peaceful, let your manners be appropriate to your station and status. Men have said unto me throughout the centuries and in the quiet of their own prayerful adoration of the Father God: Michael, we go to and fro calling on Thee, we ascend to great heights and proclaim Thee, we go down into depths and testify for Thee, verily we are of great speech concerning Thee: why therefore comest Thou not in men's hearts as we have prophesied? I say unto them: Truly have ye prophesied, but from whence came your prophecies? did I not say of old, Many shall prophesy in my name? and was it not said of old that those who came prophesying were prophets?
What availeth…

Angels in Flesh do Walk within thine Midst

HAVE I not told you that I come unto you as ye invite me? have I not told you that I instruct you as ye attain to greater merit? This hour I instruct you further in heavenly doctrine, that the truth may engulf you and lift you to mastership. . . .
Verily men do have a humor to know that which is withheld from them; they come unto me saying, Michael, we are progressing in Thy name and know not the progress; we are prophesying in Thy name and know not the prophecies; we are testifying unto Thee but our roles are sealed unto us; whereof is our distinction if men know not our importance?
I say unto them, the roles that ye fill are important as ye do make them of importance; the prophecies ye prophesy are true as ye pursue them unto substance. To none is it given to prophesy of eternal things except him who is come from me and out of my side; behold the wisdom is spoken by members of my family, from my plane and function. They say unto me, we have heard it uttered that he who would prop…

Presence, Purity, and Perfection

From thou ancient writings ye have heard it said … Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings the Lord hath ordained truth. I say unto you that children are the mouthpieces of the eternal ones; through the childlike do they manifest to flesh.
Become as a little child … only then can ye enter the kingdom of Light … the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. It is thus true . . . children possess the Light . . . they hold the immaculate Light . . . see their radiance and truthfulness beyond the borders of societal politeness.  Children are the mouthpieces of the eternal ones indeed: they have no knowledge unto themselves yet do they speak with an authority, having a knowledge of heavenly things unsoiled of worldly contacts.  Mark ye my wisdom: the sons of men have all been children, but more than this, the Sons of Light are always children. I hold a countenance of childlikeness within My being.
They have Light in their hearts; they are simple of concept, having no evil in their natures; they have…

Prepare for Me the Way to Enter into thine Unfoldments

Thus, I share with thee the matters that are the concernments of my wisdom. . . .
I have struck unto thee a chord of Mighty Love and Wisdom, and ye have responded in thy best interest; I have shown you the wonders of our intended Ideal for thy progression, and ye have taken me at my word in trust and good faith; I have taken you up into a new mount of transfiguration in the succeeding of this Ideal for thine Self, and I have offered for your perceptions and insights a gaze into the souls of the radiant;
Ye have said unto me, Michael, how cometh it that thou showest not thyself unto all the world, that it should believe that thou art in thy flesh and manifesting still?
Thus my spirit maketh answer: And why should I do it? that the world might deride me? did I not show myself unto the world and did it not slay me? what doth it benefit the world to know that one who is divine hath rulership over it, when those who are of evil receive its fond homage?
I tell you, beloveds who are rec…

The Father of Us All in Creative Wisdoms

KNOW that men have often said that I am son of God, meaning a literal father dwelling in a literal heaven, surrounded by his messengers and judging all men according to their deeds.

2 I bid you to behold that such is a compromise between the truth and what they would believe of their own pictures in form, not knowing how to picture the abstract.
3 But this is important: There are those amongst you, in flesh and out of it, who have seen what no man ever hath seen, they have made their penetration to vast distances of spirit, they have found there sights and sounds beyond earthly comprehension;
4 Behold they have returned to earth to tell of those experiences, to relate what happened to them of their mental senses;
5 They have pictured unto those below them on the earth-plane a series of dramas apparently occurring within their inspection at the times of their visitations;
6 These have taken form and become apparent to earthly brains as the expression of theology.
7 Now let me tell you the tr…

There I AM in thy Gentle Whisperings

BE CALM and hear me; know that where I come, there can be no error. I come to you saying, Peace in your hearts, peace in your destinies. Presently come to you adventures of spirit, come to you adventures in worldly upbraidings; I say be calm and confident that they are sent of me. There are matters afoot that make mischiefs, beloved; those gather 'round you whose minds are distraught, verily would they assail you physically but are impotent to do damage; lacking love that means strength to make mortal transitions, they screen themselves in thought-clouds that make the hearing difficult.
The words of your hearts have been heard in mine own; I have been auditor to all ye have spoken; I say that it pleaseth me that a great richness of spirit cometh to you, thus do we silence those who do mischiefs. Men are with you in the world who hold speech together saying: Behold we come on a goodly land where floweth milk and honey.
In that land are those who say, It is our land, we have inherited…