Thy Free Will Determines Thy Destiny in Light

As an individualization of the Totality of have only choices in each and every moment as to where to place thine attention and focus...and wheresoever ye do, you are setting into motion vibratory influences that will continue to act in your life, shaping your destiny, the quality of your existence, and your relationship with the Source and Center.

Only gradually over trillions of moments does your consciousness shape your destiny. Through thought and feelings, spoken words and actions, we are each accountable for all that we set into motion, and when completion is on the horizon...completion of your earth evolution so that one day you can graduate from this schoolhouse of earth, you are called to master all your energies and vibrations that you have ever conditioned; for the pure Life energies of the divine One are given to you to make use of, and all that you cause to become qualified have your imprinting upon it...a unique imprinting that essentially has your souls name upon it and must one day be recalled, refined, and redeemed back into the pristine and immaculate Light of the Paradise Father.

So, be fierce and determined to become vigilant with your creative free will attention and focus, and give it not over to merely temporal sensory objects and things. Give thine attention over to the Perfection of the Unchanging Energy and Intelligence that motivates your every moment giving you Life to live.

And, as much has been given you as a child of the One Father Parent, much is truly expected of you in order to live up to your place within existence...

In the Eternal majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon