Thy Civilization is Being Flooded with His Light

For I say unto each one of you...many speak believing they come in My name...yet I do tell you this is untrue.

I am the one sent by God our Father to bring Light...greater Light unto the is through His Son which I AM, and it is being accomplished through My Stream of Life; for I AM the Vine upon which all other Streams of Life are nourished and sustained.

I bring with Me the entire Host of Heaven who stand with Me and I with them. Come and stand closer unto Me right directly within thee. Ask for Me to reveal myself unto thee through the rustling of the leaves, the breath that moves ye, the carrying forth of thy divine desire to do the will of the Father who has given unto thee existence in Him.

I shall respond unto all sincere askings for greater Light, so long as ye are willing to take accounting for every electron that ye have ever used to set vibration into motion. Thy civilization is entering through the gates of the Age of Accountability wherein each is held responsible for "every particle of light" that they have used over the span of all their lifetimes.

And give all credit and glory, all adoration and acceptance to the spark of the Father who dwells within thy midst giving thee life to breathe in and out. Honor this Force of Life and fulfill the law of thy existence...and ye shall be thine own savior.

In this way ye prepare a greater place within thee to receive; for all is operating under His Law of Life and each must be accountable for the righteous use of their own use of their creative free will.

I come for a time and I physically stand within thy midst...One with the Father Principle...together We...the Host and I...will continue to raise this planet and all her kingdoms into the majesty of the Immaculate Light of the Father.

Come...and follow Me in My simple unto thy eternal union with the Spirit of Paradise...

I AM Michael of Nebadon...sent into thy fold by the Trinity Source to prepare ye to receive of thine everlasting sculpt thee from children unto sons and daughters of the One God.

In the Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Michael of Nebadon


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