The Immaculate Light is Thine Nature and Identity

"The Light is God's way of creating and maintaining Order, Peace, and Perfection throughout His creation. The Light is your own Christ Self, Greater Self, Buddha Self - you call it what ye may. Everyone has the very same privilege in securing contact with the omnipotent presence of God within themselves...for the spark of Him resides within thy midst nearer than breathing and closer than hands and feet. It is the one and only Power and Presence that can bring greater perfection to thy personal self. Yet, He waits upon each human being to know of His Way, His Life, and His Truth and to make righteous use of Him in their life and worldly circumstances.

"And it is for this purpose that I desire to share with you His precise understanding of how you have been created as children of the Paradise Father, and how to make use of thy creative capabilities toward setting into motion a new trajectory that catapults you upwards in vibration into Pure absolute Light and Love...the Life more abundant.

"Once humans begin to know that they never cease creating, even for a moment, they would realize that through the Presence of the Father who resides within their midst, that they could purify all miscreations or destructive rates of vibration such as emotional upset or mental repetition of negative thoughts in the mind; for these energies are merely a momentum that are fed each day through our attention and focus upon them. Every human being can take back the reins of their own divine power once knowing this about themselves, and could step free from all limitation, disease, and outer negative circumstance.

"Through the three M's - Magnification, Magnetization, and Manifestation - understanding their righteous use of free will attention and focus, they could recall and then redeem anything and everything imperfect within their soul field...and rise up into the majesty of His Unending actually experience this Love in fuller Force and ecstasy.

"During these Private Dialogues together, it is the Hope of Heaven that humans will become stirred to pursue further this course of understanding, and even then learn with Me to apply the precepts unto their eternal freedom and mastery of all things. This is the intention and desire of the Paradise Father for human begin in earnest their journey securing and establishing for themselves eternal Light and Love...the veritable presence of Himself within their local microscopic domain in the universe."

I Reside within the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy which Endureth Forever
Michael of Nebadon


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