The Brave Go Forth

I HAVE lived in your hearts: I have given you food: I have raised you up unto your Better Selves: I have offered you a language:
2 I have said, It is better that all should know the redemption, than that one in a grandeur should sit down with kings.
3 Now we come to that silence wherein understanding locketh us; we weave for man a tapestry in our vigorous performings, we work upon its pattern, the hot day retaineth us.
4 My beloved, be counseled: Is it not meet that many should go before you, preparing for you the way, than that one should fall, stumbling, and the life-load defeat him? I say we are those who do open the pathways, we make clear the highroads, we take the march of toil upon ourselves that those who come after do travel rejoicing.
5 Is it not nobler to go afar in the night, bearing a beacon to those on lost pathways, than to sit at our lamps with our loved ones about us?
6 What manner of friend among you would say, The distressed ones annoy me, I have no pleasure in them, fain would I have their faces erased in mine heart's ease, I am given to my restings, let the darkness wrap its tumults:
7 What manner of restings would arrive from such cowerings?
8 Lo, the brave in heart wrap their mantles about them: they pick up their lanterns: their loved ones give them godspeed;
9 They go forth to the furies: they seek the far cry of the soul that is stricken; mayhap they return, mayhap they return not; what is that to them? have they not responded? They have done what they could.
10 Wouldst ye have me sit at mine ease in my chamber, when the heart crieth out to partake of my solace? even so, beloved, consider those stricken:
11 They cry out for guidance, they plead for your attendance.
12 I would have you eat from a lordly dish, but in this manner relish it: The pure in heart hunger for things of the spirit, the nobler soul waiteth till the hungry be rescued, that all may come in and partake of the replenishment.
13 So go ye, beloved, and master your mastership.
14 I have talked: ye have listened; I make straight the crooked pathway for those whom I love; I raise the wracked spirit when the intellect tormenteth; I bespeak you a balsam as ye harken to my presence.
15 The heated day deceiveth, the fond night restoreth; we gather within the radiance of a goodly lamp and know the Father's blessing.
16 Thus I adjure you, thus I still your tumults.
17 I am come unto the world to give it my benevolence; I am come unto your faithfulness to reward it with mine auguries; say not, I sit upon a lofty eminence within mine own esteem; say rather, I do wait within the antechambers of those who would instruct me, I do raise myself up as my voicings sound my quandaries, I do wait in a contriteness to have wise utterings laid upon me. . . .
18 So, peace, my beloved!
19 Our progressions are infinite: we do go from star to star discerning Spirit's vigilance.
20 These are our anointments, that the host of the Just Men Made Perfect bequeath to us their radiance, that no good thing cometh out of life that hath not in its coming the bestowing of great treasure.
21 So I walk beside you until another Speaking cometh.

22 So I adjure you lest Mammon doth rob us of tranquility of heart. . . .

The Golden Scripts



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