Sacrifice is Growth in Spirit

THE WORLD hath an augury, it hath an affliction, it hath a mighty portent: it returneth a blessedness to those who come seeking, it maketh a great heap of its claimings and poureth it out on those who are godlike.
2 Know that I am with you: know that I instruct you: be constant and consistent in your attendance upon me: we have business together that is freighted with alchemies.
3 Great are the employments to which I call your talents; I call them with my voice, I summon them with music; out of the coffers of mine heart I lift a treasure and give it unto you: I say it is my blessing that holdeth great augury.
4 Wouldst ye know calmness? hear then my voice.
5 I come unto the hearts of men in solitude when they have made preparation for vast sacrifice: behold sacrifice seeketh to make for the humble a pathway unto lordship, verily it maketh of the humble an abiding-place for spiritual glories.
6 Sacrifice hath its merits: I say it is growth of spirit.
7 Men sacrifice themselves for friends and for causes; I say that they do it because they are immortal; they forfeit their lives for persons and values that they may be knowers of spiritual enlargements.
8 Tell it unto men that the earth is peopled in vast numbers with those who have gained to the Godhead by sacrifice: they come back to earth to manifest before men, for the purpose of showing men that sacrifice ennobleth them.
9 I come unto such and say, Behold ye have missions: go into the earth-plane and fulfill them: lo, I come unto you serving you when the price of the sacrifice is beyond your endurance;
10 Thus shall men see that sacrifice is beautiful, thus shall they perceive that sacrifice maketh them to be of great heart, to live a great compassion, to go and come mightily, to have the eternal passport of Time; that love which suffereth long and is kind.
11 Peace, my beloved; know that I sustain you; know that I tell you that when the pain groweth great, lo, do I lift it up and ye do feel it not!
12 How say ye unto me, Master, who are we that thou dost come unto us?
13 Are ye not my beloved who have come to earth serving? I say unto you, I know you! I have known you of old.
14 Tell mankind that I live, that I perform unto my servants, that I am but servant unto their servanthood, that I speak unto them in person, that they know me in my person, that they come unto me and behold, I serve them.
15 Being great in my discernments, I delight in my service: delighting in service I am great in my discernments; thus shall it be for every man, that he cometh into the sense of his godhood through his service to his brethren.
16 I tell you to say this: That the Carpenter of Nazareth is building, building, not with nails of iron but with ropes of love: I tell you to say that men may hear my literal voice if they but harken in their hearts.
17 Men are hungry, beloved, to know that I am! they come seeking me, but wrongly; they have power to hear me but will not use it.
18 I say that ye are interpreting me unto many brethren when ye do give them mine attestment that I am waiting at the doors of their hearts to speak unto them literally;
19 Ye shall say unto them, Lo, he cometh with utterings as your hearts hear his ministerings.
20 Men shall say, Lo, we read in many writings that the Carpenter is with us: if it be of truth, why see we not his person?
21 Ye shall say unto them, Lo, he cometh in person when ye harken in your hearts to the rigors of his ministerings:
22 Each man hath a vision possible on his Damascus Road!
23 Tell it with trumpets, emblazon it with radiance! verily, beloved, it seemeth a mystery. I say it shall be unfolded in every life that testeth it.
24 I tell you that ye do utter of eternal values that bring me closer to my sheep; take ye my blessing in that ye do it.
25 Beloved, I charge you, Be circumspect of precept: see naught, do naught, hear naught, that holdeth not in essence the beauties of sweet reason: be circumspect of precept in thesis of action; be calm in event that rebuketh great hatreds; speak at all times beautifully; make no claimings wildly: keep peace in
your paragraphs.
26 Ye are scribes of the Eternal! great shall be your brilliance interpreting that which is of me.
27 Arise and do your labors: that which happeneth is of consequence verily as ye do permit it.
28 Fear not, tread resolutely, come unto me for counsel and I give it, abide with me nightly: my blessing is upon you for that which cometh from your hearts;
29 Be prepared for the summons when it cometh, verily ye shall know it, ye shall not mistake it.

The Golden Scripts

~Esu Kumara Michael of this Son Universe
aka Michael of Nebadon