Man Hath a Mission unto Himself

HAVE YOUR hearts tranquillities but your minds perplexities? I say, Be calm in both.
2 Ye have heard me tell you that no harm cometh unto you; behold I say again, I protect whom I love.
3 Men are displeased with that which is finite when it cometh to them mystically: they rebel at the abstruse: they want wisdom bluntly.
4 Let your hearts be ennobled by the thought that man hath heard mysticism before, and profited, but that he hath denied me before, and profited not.
5 I tell you that we are coming to mysteries that profit men greatly, but the times have a program, there is witchery in Order, that which is Written hath its entries by a rostering.
6 Let us reason together! I give you instruction in cardinal principles; I help you in deciding questions of import affecting the race in its struggle unto mastership.
7 Know that great basic facts are given unto men, that they may play their parts as men: great fundamentals of doctrine are given unto them on which to rear hypotheses of life for their spiritual profit and mental pleasure; I say they are concerned with Ideals of Origins;
8 They are transcendent to earthly lnstructings by earthly teachers who behold not the truth through the eye of the spirit; they are transcribed by men and women who have no other motive than purification of insight, seeking no profit but love in the effort, knowing no bases of argument but those which are of me.
9 I tell you that they are held to answer for such instructings and they answer; they tell millions truths that their insight has showed them: those millions are freed from their despairs that are of ignorance.
10 I say unto you, These are the Instructors who come of Love Incarnate teaching the worlds: they labor in the vineyard of Pure Thought and have dominion over it: they seek the Father in every human pasture wherein my sheep feed: they are angels of a sort who harken not to the voicings of doubt but proceed with a firmness in making pasturage for those sheep, whenever and wherever the enlightenment leadeth them.
11 I tell you I have instructed them of old; I instruct them again: I say unto them, The way openeth for miracles, lo, the Father's voice speaketh and those miracles perform!
12 Great are those miracles!
13 Man hath no concept of that which waiteth in the Infinite.
14 Men have concept of Divine Thought, having thoughts themselves, but they know not the ways in which Divine Thought operateth to create Matter or to send Light upon its mission making order out of chaos;
15 They have no concept of miracles in eternal night between the star-worlds or why men sleep in flesh, and know not anything that is reality;
16 They come wanting knowledge, behold it is given them and they perceive it not; they beseech for a leadership and receive it not, in that they are blind in following blind shepherds.
17 I tell you, beloved, this is their lesson: that they shall come to a place where eternal night hath an end in their hearts, their eyes shall see the true Light, they shall cry at its brilliance, their wonderings shall palsy them, they shall know a vast contriteness;
18 Verily ye have seen that Light of an order: ye have cried out at its brilliance, ye have known the contriteness.
19 So shall others see its brilliance, the contriteness shall ennoble them: ye shall come to a place wherein ye teach the multitudes, they shall open their ears, having eagerness for knowledge: but spiritual truths confusing them shall be of no pertinence;
20 Men resent the abstruse and I say it is pardoned them: they hunger for the clear of concept and perceptions; is it not Light, making order out of chaos? are ye not makers of that Light in abundance?
21 Beloved, ye have a power: men have a power everywhere: ye are spokesmen of the power: my servants on this side are spokesmen of it also: men come to a time when they treat of it themselves, to themselves, directed of my presence;
22 I teach them of the Fire, that it warmeth and not destroyeth, that it smelteth the ore, not consumeth the biceps.
23 I teach them directly: therein is a great mystery, and yet I say it happeneth: men come unto me directly and are fed, they do see my face and hear my voice, even as ye do hear my voice though ye see not my countenance. I say that it shall be.
24 I bid that ye go forth unto the world and say, The Prince of Peace awaiteth in his person, ambassador to every heart.
25 Tell man that he cometh nightly unto those who are pure, even as now my servants receive me in their hearts, having knowledge of my Being. . . .
26 Ye have heard it said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth; verily have ye heard it;
27 I have told multitudes, Love for an eye, a pardon for a tooth. Behold, I have said more:
28 I have told multitudes, Lo, the way to light is Love Incarnate working to lift man's concept of that which is eternal.
29 The way of divine instruction is not simple, beloved, though the truths of its meaning be simple of utterance: men learn by degrees: they must hear my voice through effort, even though mine instruction be simple of diction.
30 I come unto those nightly who have a mind to harken, but those who harken not are as children who are wayward, wandering without guardians.
31 I say unto you, beloved, the way is open for man to know me, even by his eye, even by his ear, verily shall he know me by the words of my mouth;
32 Man hath a mission unto himself to do this thing, he hath an errand to cultivate his senses, behold he is commanded to know his Guardian by the address of his Word.
33 I say he is clever at the arts and sciences, he walketh with his arts, being led of my servants who perform for his ennoblement.
34 Let him be equally as clever in cultivating that science which raiseth him up to the Planes of the Benevolent, where those whom he thinketh to be perished may address him, where I perform in my essence, moment unto moment, though himself of the world of motion that men miscall Matter.
35 Speak unto man: tell him he is candidate for restored perception of Divine Form working in ether to bring the millennium of beauteous spirituality.
36 Tell him he is coming to make progress in arts beyond his telling at this moment: tell him he awaiteth the coming of the Carpenter, who buildeth, buildeth, buildeth, unto the eternal, for man and all his species!
37 I say it is pleasing unto us that men have knowledge of their instrumentalities when such are directed to wielding eternity's virtues; yet behold I tell you that events have progress which maketh the heart to shudder if man learneth not the secret of that which he possesseth.
38 I speak this with an emphasis: Let man at once perceive the eternal entreating on his doorstone, for verily he hath a mission to take it in and sup with it, to give it hospitality, to share with it his couch and repose within its luxury.
39 I say it! I say it! I bestow on you a wisdom that ye may impart it unto multitudes! I tell you that your missions are completed when ye have imparted unto the nations the richness which hath come to you.
40 Men do come into your lives whom before ye have not known: others go out of them whom ye have known always;
41 What mattereth the goings? the comings have importance.
42 Accept that which cometh, have a sweet toleration for that which seemeth to depart: I say there are reasons whereof each doth manifest.
43 He who loveth you goeth ever with you, she who loveth not, goeth not with you; take my yoke upon you and perceive that it moveth you unto concords of great utterance, a vast interest greeteth you.
44 Take my journey joyously, for it leadeth into mountains, yea to many tablelands whereon roses are surfeit.
45 Hear my commendation: Men have beheld you at work in my vineyard: they have been encouraged in their hearts: they have come unto me beseeching me that I bequeath you great blessings for that which ye have rendered unto them when verily ye did labor perceiving not the fruits.
46 Is it not meet that these things should be known unto you?

47 Labor with a sureness: I say, The labor hath its recompense.

The Golden Scripts
~Esu Kumara Michael of this Son Universe