About Sovrnty Sanctuary

Sovrnty Sanctuary through Michael of Nebadon offers instruction to aspirants and to the public on what we may refer to as Pure Religion; the masterful use of your own Life Stream, It's Love and Light to wash away all miscreations of the past, all errors, all sins, if you will.

Michael of Nebadon teaches and guides through the Holy Comforter of His own being and with the Holy Spirit of the Infinite Mother Spirit...Her Omnipresent Spirit pervading all things and Her divine Associates. These Ideals are perfectly in alignment with Christ Jesus and the Heavenly Host in their ministry to humanity.

Pure Religion demonstrates and shows you three things: the fulfillment of the law of existence in order to progress forward in thine own frequency vibration unto the greater Light and Life by dissolving all past mistakes held as an erroneous momentum and destructive accumulation within your personality field of life...your soul field. And the aspirant does this through working to master the Love out of their own divine selfhood.

Second, this fulfillment of His Law of existence allow the aspirant to begin to live His will and Intent, manifesting His nature and Identity, His Impulse divine and His Consciousness.

Last, these two proponents or precepts are the prerequisites in expanding the Light, Love, and Life from out of your own divinity into your physical conditions and life. In this way the great transmutation of all lesser frequencies takes place, and the aspirant finds him/herself living a matured and refined victorious life having transcended the materializing effects of the lower nature, matured their character and consciousness, and aligned their life with Love...divine Love.

This is the purest form of religion which brings forth the aspirants own divinity, at one with the Principle of the Paradise Father who resides directly within thy midst.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Sovrnty Sanctuary


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