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Man Hath a Mission unto Himself

HAVE YOUR hearts tranquillities but your minds perplexities? I say, Be calm in both. 2 Ye have heard me tell you that no harm cometh unto you; behold I say again, I protect whom I love. 3 Men are displeased with that which is finite when it cometh to them mystically: they rebel at the abstruse: they want wisdom bluntly. 4 Let your hearts be ennobled by the thought that man hath heard mysticism before, and profited, but that he hath denied me before, and profited not. 5 I tell you that we are coming to mysteries that profit men greatly, but the times have a program, there is witchery in Order, that which is Written hath its entries by a rostering. 6 Let us reason together! I give you instruction in cardinal principles; I help you in deciding questions of import affecting the race in its struggle unto mastership. 7 Know that great basic facts are given unto men, that they may play their parts as men: great fundamentals of doctrine are given unto them on which to rear hypotheses of life…

Preliminary Instruction on the Kingdom of His Sovereignty

Before the formal ordination service Jesus spoke to the twelve as they were seated about him: “My brethren, this hour of the kingdom has come. I have brought you apart here with me to present you to the Father as ambassadors of the kingdom. Some of you heard me speak of this kingdom in the synagogue when you first were called. Each of you has learned more about the Father’s kingdom since you have been with me working in the cities around about the Sea of Galilee. But just now I have something more to tell you concerning this kingdom.
“The new kingdom which my Father is about to set up in the hearts of his earth children is to be an everlasting dominion. There shall be no end of this rule of my Father in the hearts of those who desire to do his divine will. I declare to you that my Father is not the God of Jew or gentile. Many shall come from the east and from the west to sit down with us in the Father’s kingdom, while many of the children of Abraham will refuse to enter this new brothe…

Sacrifice is Growth in Spirit

THE WORLD hath an augury, it hath an affliction, it hath a mighty portent: it returneth a blessedness to those who come seeking, it maketh a great heap of its claimings and poureth it out on those who are godlike. 2 Know that I am with you: know that I instruct you: be constant and consistent in your attendance upon me: we have business together that is freighted with alchemies. 3 Great are the employments to which I call your talents; I call them with my voice, I summon them with music; out of the coffers of mine heart I lift a treasure and give it unto you: I say it is my blessing that holdeth great augury. 4 Wouldst ye know calmness? hear then my voice. 5 I come unto the hearts of men in solitude when they have made preparation for vast sacrifice: behold sacrifice seeketh to make for the humble a pathway unto lordship, verily it maketh of the humble an abiding-place for spiritual glories. 6 Sacrifice hath its merits: I say it is growth of spirit. 7 Men sacrifice themselves for fri…

The Brave Go Forth

I HAVE lived in your hearts: I have given you food: I have raised you up unto your Better Selves: I have offered you a language: 2 I have said, It is better that all should know the redemption, than that one in a grandeur should sit down with kings. 3 Now we come to that silence wherein understanding locketh us; we weave for man a tapestry in our vigorous performings, we work upon its pattern, the hot day retaineth us. 4 My beloved, be counseled: Is it not meet that many should go before you, preparing for you the way, than that one should fall, stumbling, and the life-load defeat him? I say we are those who do open the pathways, we make clear the highroads, we take the march of toil upon ourselves that those who come after do travel rejoicing. 5 Is it not nobler to go afar in the night, bearing a beacon to those on lost pathways, than to sit at our lamps with our loved ones about us? 6 What manner of friend among you would say, The distressed ones annoy me, I have no pleasure in the…

The Unfoldment of Supremacy

It is through the power of our own mind or thought action that we are able to bring forth or realize the Christ Consciousness. Through the power or process of thought we can transmute and evolve our bodies, or our outer conditions and surroundings, through recognition of this Christ Consciousness within ourselves, so that we will never experience death nor any change called death. This is done wholly through man's power to visualize, idealize, conceive, and bring forth that which he gazes upon. This is done by first knowing or perceiving or having faith that the Christ is within ourselves; seeing the true meaning of Jesus' teaching; holding our body one with God, made in the image and likeness of God and merging that body into the perfect God body just as God sees us. We have idealized, conceived, and brought forth into manifestation the perfect God body. We are `born again' truly of and in the Spirit Kingdom of God.
It is in this way that we can return all things to the Un…

Overflowing with Peace and Never-Ending Bliss

Commune with the Principle of life everlasting that resides anchored within thine heart. For this is the Life energy, the animating power and presence that allows your existence. Placing thine attention devotionally upon this unchanging One gives to you the momentum of Light and greater enhanced consciousness which grows the more that you feed it with thine attention. This is true worship in each moment. ~EKM

The Kingdom of His Sovereignty

I and the Mother of our universe are dedicated to your personal entrance and attainment into the Kingdom of Sovereignty and your eternal participation in the Kingdom is His Network of Supremacy - God the Supreme. Sovereignty is your formal entrance and immortal birth into this local universe as a universe citizen; a living Sun Presence and individualization of the Supreme Being, His Glory and Perfection personalized and in service to the Eternal Creator's Will . . . the Everlasting Plan of the Persons of the Paradise Trinity.
The Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy are thy Birthright, thy Inheritance, and thy Destiny. You are created and designed to actualize this Magnificent Unending Glory by honoring Him in all thy existence through your commitment to the doing of His will and Intention for the Universes . . . his Kingdom. With our eternal association, the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter becomes more consciously thy Teacher and Guide directing you into all truth on every level as …

The Eternal Embrace


My Holy Comforter

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Creating Immortality for Thyself

In our eternal association through aspirantship, you will gain the keys to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. In this association with Us, we have the power and capacity, the love and caring for you, to help you weave a garment of immortal light out of the imperfections of thine own limited human nature...
~Christ Michael with the Immortal Host of Heaven

The Private Dialogues at Sovrnty Sanctuary for your Consideration and Blessing

For English Speakers:
“Study with Michael of Nebadon and the Infinite Mother Spirit, and fulfill thy destiny in Light. This will be an introduction to the teachings of the Universal Christ and the Host of Heaven with Michael of Nebadon and the Holy Spirit Presence of the Infinite Mother.

Sovrnty Sanctuary offer instruction, guidance in its application and actual direct divine experience by following the indwelling leadings of the Father’s Presence. We encourage, nurture, and foster this direct indwelling authority of your own Living flame of God, showing you how to allow that Flame to expand and wash away all struggles and hardship, and returns the individual back to their own sovereignty, freedom of mind and heart, and a deeper fuller alignment with God.

~Sovrnty Sanctuary Staff”
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Access Code is: 648700

For Spanish Speakers:
"Estudio de Miguel de Nebadon…

The Immaculate Light is Thine Nature and Identity

"The Light is God's way of creating and maintaining Order, Peace, and Perfection throughout His creation. The Light is your own Christ Self, Greater Self, Buddha Self - you call it what ye may. Everyone has the very same privilege in securing contact with the omnipotent presence of God within themselves...for the spark of Him resides within thy midst nearer than breathing and closer than hands and feet. It is the one and only Power and Presence that can bring greater perfection to thy personal self. Yet, He waits upon each human being to know of His Way, His Life, and His Truth and to make righteous use of Him in their life and worldly circumstances.

"And it is for this purpose that I desire to share with you His precise understanding of how you have been created as children of the Paradise Father, and how to make use of thy creative capabilities toward setting into motion a new trajectory that catapults you upwards in vibration into Pure absolute Light and Love...the Li…

Thy Civilization is Being Flooded with His Light

For I say unto each one of you...many speak believing they come in My name...yet I do tell you this is untrue.

I am the one sent by God our Father to bring Light...greater Light unto the is through His Son which I AM, and it is being accomplished through My Stream of Life; for I AM the Vine upon which all other Streams of Life are nourished and sustained.

I bring with Me the entire Host of Heaven who stand with Me and I with them. Come and stand closer unto Me right directly within thee. Ask for Me to reveal myself unto thee through the rustling of the leaves, the breath that moves ye, the carrying forth of thy divine desire to do the will of the Father who has given unto thee existence in Him.

I shall respond unto all sincere askings for greater Light, so long as ye are willing to take accounting for every electron that ye have ever used to set vibration into motion. Thy civilization is entering through the gates of the Age of Accountability wherein each is held re…

About Sovrnty Sanctuary

Sovrnty Sanctuary through Michael of Nebadon offers instruction to aspirants and to the public on what we may refer to as Pure Religion; the masterful use of your own Life Stream, It's Love and Light to wash away all miscreations of the past, all errors, all sins, if you will.

Michael of Nebadon teaches and guides through the Holy Comforter of His own being and with the Holy Spirit of the Infinite Mother Spirit...Her Omnipresent Spirit pervading all things and Her divine Associates. These Ideals are perfectly in alignment with Christ Jesus and the Heavenly Host in their ministry to humanity.

Pure Religion demonstrates and shows you three things: the fulfillment of the law of existence in order to progress forward in thine own frequency vibration unto the greater Light and Life by dissolving all past mistakes held as an erroneous momentum and destructive accumulation within your personality field of life...your soul field. And the aspirant does this through working to master the Love…

Thy Free Will Determines Thy Destiny in Light

As an individualization of the Totality of have only choices in each and every moment as to where to place thine attention and focus...and wheresoever ye do, you are setting into motion vibratory influences that will continue to act in your life, shaping your destiny, the quality of your existence, and your relationship with the Source and Center.

Only gradually over trillions of moments does your consciousness shape your destiny. Through thought and feelings, spoken words and actions, we are each accountable for all that we set into motion, and when completion is on the horizon...completion of your earth evolution so that one day you can graduate from this schoolhouse of earth, you are called to master all your energies and vibrations that you have ever conditioned; for the pure Life energies of the divine One are given to you to make use of, and all that you cause to become qualified have your imprinting upon it...a unique imprinting that essentially has your souls name upon…