Yoga of Wholeness and Immortality

While we, as a civilization have come to erroneously believe that the only two things that we must do are pay taxes and die, I will assure you that physical body death and degeneration is not a necessity, and the need to pay taxes is necessary right now, but over time there have been periods whereby governments have been able to raise money without taxing the populace. So, that leaves us with only one necessity and that is breathing . . . you simply must breath and continue breathing if you desire to live within the physical octave of life. It is a necessity; for this reason, you may wish to know that it is through conscious breathing that we gain access to the Eternal and Infinite, the doorway of our godhood. Conscious breathing awakens Consciousness of All that Is.

This is where Yoga and its ageless practice comes in and why I wish to share with you the particular practice of yoga that the Kumara Lineage has cultivated over the millenniums. These are not merely godless principles or the practices of an impersonal relationship with God, but these precepts are the very foundation upon which Christ Jesus built His Connection and Consciousness, His Power and Character, His Morality, Ethics, Faith and Trust, Divine Inspiration, and personal relationship with the Father Principle of all Life. These are quite certainly ancient precepts and living principles which when learned, understood, and applied in a daily regimen with determination, discipline, and self honesty, give you this golden access to be able to 'do the greater works of Spirit'.

The practice of Yoga will open wide this doorway unto having Life, and having it more abundantly in Spirit and in Truth. By opening up to this understanding and the Divine Instruction, you will learn to drink of the Water of Life - the Great Spiritual Presence, Intelligence, and Power of the Universes that have their Originating Fountainhead and Source beyond the creation at the Godhead, and also, enfolding you and all around us in Its Omnipresence.

Yet, how to gain access to this reservoir of Eternal Life - that ye may drink of Its elixir, nourish thyself, and find youth, freedom, empowerment, strength and confidence, clarity of mind and heart, and contact with this Universal Source - building your own divine Intelligence and a personal relationship that propel each soul personality onward and upward in their evolution and existence . . .

Sacrifice, Surrender, Selflessness, and Service are the divine precepts of the Kumara lineage and the approach of these Avatars unto union with God through the Kumara Yoga. Practiced with patience and time, the student finds themselves capable of great confidence, inner resolve to attain all things right and proper, and the evolutionary attainment of union with the Father Principle within; the achievement of graduation from the rounds of birth and rebirth within the Earth. This is the attainment of the initiation of personal Immortality.

In the more recent past, the path of Yoga which was practiced in the beautiful country of India has been around for a little over five thousand years. One branch of Yoga is called Kundalini Yoga, and it is derived from the Indian word kundal, which means, "lock of hair from the beloved." The uncoiling of this "hair" (often referred to as a serpent) is the awakening of the Kundalini, the Primordial Creative Energy of the Universe which is Omnipresently existing all around us and in the human energy bodies, it is held within the base of the spine. Kundalini Yoga practice aims to activate this energy through breath, poses, chanting and meditation. Several forms of breathing techniques are used to clear the system and allow energy to flow into the "chakras," or energy centers located in the body. This is drawing upon the Divine Intelligence Energies of the Infinite Spirit and it's personalization within this local universe as the Divine Mother Spirit or Holy Spirit. This Intelligence works in collaboration with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter to guide and inspire human beings unto personal cooperative relationship and union with the Eternal Father Spark within them.

Kumara Yoga or the Yogic approach of the Kumaras which hail from the planet Venus was introduced to humanity about one million years ago in a prior civilization that had been established upon the Earth. It is the way to gain access to the Water of Life (the Holy Spirit) by preparing yourself to receive the greater portion of Love from out of the Infinite Mother's Omnipresence Itself. The Kumara Avatars work to 'step down' the energies of the Mother to students after instructing them on the right use of this Sacred Fire of Love. It is an integrative Force that brings the duality of the human mind into unity and truth on every human level within the psyche of the student. This Divine Fire is the energy of the Infinite Mother Spirit of our local universe that becomes activated in those sincere students who crave union with their enfolding Spiritual Presence and who are able and willing to practice daily the precepts of the Kumara approach to God; it is the distribution of this "Fire" Energy or Divine Energy that is drawn into your physical body and subtle bodies to saturate the density that you are often stuck in, and change its quality from mortal density to immortal unconditioned Life Itself.

Practitioners embrace Kumara Yoga as the yoga of immortality because it leads the aspirant upwards in their vibrational frequency by drawing upon the energies of the Infinite Mother and Her Omnipresence while establishing the student on a trajectory that will one day evolve them into union with the Spark of the Everlasting Father Principle which leads to personal and real eternal life everlasting by weaving the garment of Light everlasting from out of the garment of the flesh of mortality. Immortality is a unique transfiguration unto becoming birthed beyond the womb of the Earth whereby you establish yourself in your Universal birth as an individualization . . . a personalization of the Supreme Being.

The Kumara yoga precepts are a holistic form of yoga that applies to all aspects of your life and does not focus exclusively on fitness and the physical areas of life. These days, yoga and its practice has been primarily focused upon bodily postures and fitness and that is one healthy reason to cultivate its practice. Certainly, the strengthening and flexibility of our physical body and mind is a great asset in the daily grind of living. Yet, the true meaning of Yoga is union with God, and this is the starting point for Kumara Yoga and its disciplines while opening up the pathways for the Divine Intelligence energies of the Mother to come closer into you and work It's way through your nervous system and endocrine systems, you will also be expanding consciousness and reclaiming the creative power that is yours even from the beginning of all your lifetimes. In Kumara Yoga you learn the right use of this creative power to manifest the qualities of the unmanifest and unconditional into and through your life. What you discover is a greatly increased capacity to love unconditionally and to attract the more constructive things into your life circumstances.

Through Kumara Yoga - the Yoga of Wholeness and Immortality, I teach a blending and transcendence of several yogic philosophies: Bhakti, Vedanta, Karma, Jnana, Kriya, Dhyana, Shabd, Trinity, and the Creative Fire of Kundalini Yoga. I have chosen to bring forward the ancient precepts of the Kumaras in its purest form, and as such, I call this pure form Kumara Yoga, naming it after the series of Kumara Avatars from ages past, and from which I take my own lineage. It is the Yoga of the Paradise Trinity, in that, you are learning to make fuller use of the divine Circuits of the Triune God as He condescends Himself downward unto the evolutionary races of time and space.

Rather than having the focus only upon outer poses and flexibility, Kumara Yoga concentrates the student upon inner flexibility, inner poses in relation to the Godhead and His Spark of Divinity which enfolds you in your journey through lifetimes. Mindfulness in your daily activities, inner concentration upon what is real in Life so that you have the capacity to discern the difference between the true and the false, the real and the unreal, the immortal and the transient; all qualities which are the means of awakening greater consciousness, greater relationship with the Father Principle, while purifying the unreal within us and establishing consciousness within the domain of the Real and True.

Kumara Yoga shows the student practitioner this very fact of nature: that the single greatest cause of suffering and pain in a person's life is the focus upon what is transient and unreal. When we learn the artful science of building our focused attention upon the Truth and Reality of Life, all problems vanish as if they never existed; for illusion and the temporariness of life is but a passing cloud of appearance.

These yogic precepts leading the student into regeneration and healing had been kept secret from the masses for many centuries due to the possibility of its misuse. While much of the yogic modern day traditions are a wonderful way to bring forth greater health and physical strength and well being, mental health, and emotional renewal - Kumara Yoga builds upon those benefits while instilling great inner confidence, self understanding and realization which come about through the right identification with Him, in Him, of Him. You literally become over time in your consciousness the Supreme Omnipresence upon the Earth. That is also referred to as the Walking Christ or the Awakened Buddha, the very state of mind and heart that Mohammed possibly found himself in during His great Ministry. Through direct inner revelation and personal experience, you become through the Father Principle enfolding you, the authority for your life. You discover atonement in mind and body with the Father Principle. This branch of Kumara Yoga is geared towards resolving conflict and difficulties in life so that you can bring forth the 'fruits' of your potential . . . your actualization in God. That is where it begins and intends to take those aspirants who are determined to embody Life Itself by becoming a practitioner of the Perfection of the Eternal One God.

The keys or precepts were handed down from an adept or avatar to the student-aspirant only after having passed many initiations to prove their commitment and devotion to its right use. Self-actualization in Kumara Yoga offers a very practical way to bring deep connection with the Principle of the Father by drawing upon the Infinite Fire Energies of the Divine Minister . . . the Mother of creation. We find that we are spiritualizing our inner nature, identity, senses, attitudes, and consciousness, and so, it is a blending akin to zen mindfulness and certain Taoist practices of right relationship, right attitude and identity, right mindfulness, right understanding of Law, and right 'seeing' or perceiving of the subtle Divine Reality that exists in It's Omnipresent way all around us, all of the time awaiting our participation with It in fuller conscious awareness.

Kumara Yoga takes some of its precepts from the Bhakti Sutras which teach building true and real love for God; for no other reason than to merge our whole selves into His Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence - and that is an Infinite journey ever more fully into the Spark of the Primordial Father who exists as the Being behind all beings. This is Prema Yoga, which means love of God for no other reason but that we desire to be with Him, and like Him in our nature and identity, and that we desire passionately to live His Will in us, through us, for us, and by us.

Ultimately, the Kumara Yoga precepts bring happiness and fulfillment to the student regardless of the outer changes and circumstances and the instability of living life in the modern world. We become dependent upon the Unseen Father rather and our dependence upon the seen material circumstances of our life fade away. We become empowered by becoming 'at one' with the One Power and Presence that is our very being.

Kumara Yogic practice and it's daily application bring full empowerment to those sincere students who desire inordinately, union with the divine in every way. The awakening of the pure Life Force and the right use of its conscious distribution throughout the body will heal, bless, prosper, educate, and enlighten all who are dedicated to their own return to union with the Father Presence in every way possible. In this approach and way, you are building the momentum unto becoming a Candidate for the Great Initiation - transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension.

Kumara Yoga builds a solid foundation of Truth on every level through the strenuous disciplines required of the aspirant; the foundation of the Kumaras four precepts necessary to purify and empower are: Sacrifice - Surrender - Selflessness - Service

Thy Sovereign Son
Michael of Nebadon