Attaining the Kingdom of His Sovereignty

I and the Mother of our universe are dedicated to your personal entrance and attainment into the Kingdom of Sovereignty and your eternal participation in the Kingdom is His Network of Supremacy - God the Supreme. Sovereignty is your formal entrance and immortal birth into this local universe as a universe citizen; a living Sun Presence and individualization of the Supreme Being, His Glory and Perfection personalized and in service to the Eternal Creator's Will . . . the Everlasting Plan of the Persons of the Paradise Trinity.

The Kingdom of Sovereignty and Supremacy are thy Birthright, thy Inheritance, and thy Destiny. You are created and designed to actualize this Magnificent Unending Glory by honoring Him in all thy existence through your commitment to the doing of His will and Intention for the Universes . . . his Kingdom.
With our eternal association, the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter becomes more consciously thy Teacher and Guide directing you into all truth on every level as you work each day to fulfill his will and law and as you apply the precepts of this Ideal.

The Universe Mother Spirit nurtures and fosters your enlightened growth in intellect, personality, and soul. She is the very source of all mind, and is the Spirit Mother ministering to thy eternal union with the Flame of the Universal Father which indwells thy soul and is thy being. The Mother and Her Associates within the Immortal Host prepare thy way unto the octaves of eternity. They regenerate with Me your Eternal Embrace into the Kingdom of Sovereignty - the creation for you of the Seamless Garment of Eternal Light, thy personal union eternally with the Spirit of the Father indwelling you now.

Our association together is the royal road of existence, actualizing this newly designed Garment of Light giving you access to regions of splendour within the octaves of the House of the Father. You become an immortal being, personal and individual, yet miraculously at one with the Supreme God. It is the illuminated highway in the progressive attainment of the fullness of God Himself bringing you into the ascended brotherhood of Supremacy through your entrance from the lower octaves of limited human imperfection into the Kingdom of Sovereignty. All that occurs within the universes takes place through his Individualizations, such as you will become more fully.

This is the much sought after Kingdom of Heaven . . . it is the Kingdom of Sovereignty and God Supremacy. It is the Kingdom of God.

In our association and as My Aspirant, you are walking together with My Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth which pervades thy lifestream and protects you giving you direct and powerful guidance into all truth and righteousness, show you what it means to truly live this human life from an eternal perspective. You are personally guided by Me both in the flesh while I hold a garment of human being, and with the Holy Comforter Presence depending upon your receptivity and faith and trust in the Father's Spirit and in My own Influence.

Aspirantship is intended to take you into the Kingdom of Sovereignty through the creation of the Garment of Light, and it is designed to introduce you into cosmic citizenry through your participation in the Ascended Kingdom of Supremacy at the end of this lifetime. Yet, it very greatly depends upon your efforts and the value you hold consistently in your life upon this Ideal of the Father. How you manage your time and space is essential for your attainment.

Nevertheless, it is the hope of heaven that you emerge from your present state of human consciousness into the building of an Eternal Temple which gives you access into the Kingdom of Sovereignty and the brotherhood of Supremacy by abiding and cooperating with the Father's Spirit within thee, and working each day to actively fulfill the law of thy existence by living the righteous life fearlessly, with just judgment and keen wisdom in your daily applications and service.

Each and every day with rhythmic consistency, consecration, concentration and devotion - you embrace eternity by transfiguring the darkness and density in your field into his light, making thy self ready and receptivity for the completion of all lifetime in the Eternal Embrace . . . spiritual fusion with the spirit endowment of the Paradise Father indwelling you. This is the transfiguration of all density into light and the resurrection into fusion with the Father's spirit. The final part of this process which is One Unfoldment is the Ascension into your own Oversoul Presence. This completes all lifetimes of service and exploration, maturation and personality character growth and development in thy mastery of your own life force energy and vibration.
Hence, out of the humble imperfect limitations of your human condition ye shall claim thy godhood…and ye shall own thy divinity.

Michael of Nebadon