Unleash the Power of Thy Godhood

The highest Intelligence within each person desires to expand Its perfection and Its glory in us, through us, by us, for us, and as us. By expanding these more potent energies from out of your own Godhood, you are allowing the Spirit of the Father to establish harmony and happiness in you, and to reach into the surrounding community wheresoever you abide within the earth. The One God Intelligence can only act through Its personalizations...Its individualizations. You...and I...are His individualizations within this part of creation. Contemplate this and allow this great Ideal of the Kingdom to envelope your heart and mind. The Paradise Father's Primacy...His Omnipresence is Sovereign throughout creation, yet, He needs each one of us to expand this glory and perfection. The expansion of his glory begins by allowing Him from within your own inner Selfhood...your Godhood...to take up residence in your energy field by preparing a place for Him to enter your human domain.

So, be as fierce as this black panther in identifying the false low vibrating energies in you, and be determined to command the fire of love and mercy to enter you from your own godhood, to come and quicken your own personal density into the greater energies of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. This is what I teach my aspirants. This is the living Ideal of placing thy attention upon the Unchanging Principle within you to magnify it and grow it in your life. As you magnify thy godhood, you naturally are asking to live more his will and intent, and so, you give Him the permission through your free will decision to expand his glory and to secure for His individualization of you perfect peace and eternal sovereignty. In your consciousness focused into thy indwelling presence, you invite...you magnetize... his radiant fire of love to enter your field of life and correct all conditions that might have been self destructive causing you limitation, unconsciousness, and struggle. You dissolve through his love and mercy flame all obstructions to realization and relationship with thine own godhood and the greater body of life which I AM; and as you claim thy godhood and use its natural divine powers and intelligence to expand what is righteous and good, all shadows and negative reactions to your life will disappear, and in its place will remain the glory of heaven. These are some of the precepts of the Embracing Eternity Exercises that I offer My aspirants; those who desire to go further into the greater life more abundant, immersed and dissolved in His ever-present Consciousness. This is His Sovereignty that He seeks to share with all personalizations of Himself who are willing to expand His Kingdom by fulfilling His Law and thereby living His Will and Intent...

I Remain One with the Paradise Father Son
Michael of Nebadon


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