Thy God Given Authority

I teach you the descent of the cosmic fire of creation through conscious direction and authority. Through our association I am showing you how to take back thy power from outer destructive effects and conditions that have been set into motion by either you or another.

As a child of God our Source and Center, we each hold supreme authority and ability, rights and powers to command this descent of the cosmic fire of creation...the very Love principle which is come into our world and erase and annihilate all destructive effects and conditions which exist on any level both within us and around us. first, remove permanently any negative effects that exist within your personal consciousness, and then, the outer effects and conditions will disappear from your world. The inner expresses into the outer its impressions held within the field of energy of the person involved; and so, in this direct and conscious way we are the authority who can disallow any destructive conditions to remain in our personal world and the greater surrounding communities of the world, and it is dependent upon the peoples of each community to command through Love and Mercy...the fire of creation to enter into their world and erase all obstructions and destructive tendencies in the inner worlds of the person and also in the outer communities - politically, financially, economically and otherwise.

So the next time you bear witness to something less than what you desire, remember that you hold the God given authority as a child of God who is blossoming into a fuller son or daughter of command the annihilation of all imperfect conditions that are causing distress and struggle, pain or disharmony - these are merely the effects which have not an ounce of authority to act unless we allow it by focusing our attention upon the negative conditions and making them real through holding our thoughts and feeling upon these effects. Hold fast to the power of reality itself and learn to wash away the unreal which holds mankind in an enslavement to destructive limitations.

Use thy God given authority and power by reaching for the higher octaves of pure light through the immortal Ascended Host of Heaven who await thy reaching and asking. Unless we each do this, it is mere wishful thinking to believe that the destructiveness of the world will simply disappear. It must be summarily dealt an all-powerful blow of love and mercy. Do not resist the destruction or negative effects or reactions even in you that arise, but call to the higher Fire of Love from the Host and ask them to direct the sacred fire of Love and mercy into that situation, and watch how easily it will disappear from your experience.

In the creation there are trillions and trillions of beings on planets that are exquisite in beauty and goodness, and there are also planetary civilizations that are lagging behind and holding the universe in a downward trajectory because all is One Whole. What occurs on planet earth affects the entirety of universes, and so, it is dependent upon the planetary populations to take their command and transfigure negative conditions on their own planet so that the planet herself may emanate her due amount of radiation of light and love to the rest of the creation.

Magnify the Unchanging Lord of Life in thought, feeling, spoken word, and action; magnetize this Cosmic Fire of Creation - love and mercy - to enter your personal world; and manifest thy godhood through the taking of responsibility for all the destructive/negative things that you bear witness to by erasing these conditions both within and without. Allow the perfection of the indwelling Principle of Life to come through and expand the Kingdom of His Sovereignty which can only bring forth the blossoming of all potent Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness, Joy, Harmony, and Happiness and all other Godly virtues...

Thy world is like a canvas upon which you may paint thy dreams and hopes, thy beliefs and ideals, and so, allow the indwelling Painter of us all to come through and secure for thyself His Healing and Wholeness through His Infinite Consciousness and Willful Intent...

~Thy Sovereign Son
Michael of Nebadon


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