Thy Daily Kumara Yoga Practice

This morning in my yogic practice, I am first connecting with the indwelling Fire of Life that animates me. To do this I need to begin being aware of my own breathing... taking deep breaths while sitting in a lotus position with back support, so it could even be on your couch. Breathe deeply... placing thy mind awareness upon the breathing. In thy consciousness start to become aware of the power animating thy breathing.

So be aware of thy relaxing the mind into the breaths, even chanting "I AM" - 'I' on the inbreathing and 'AM' on the outbreathing, but you don't even need to chant really, just be aware of the breathing and make thyself receptive to perceive the underlying essence of thyself beyond the breathing. That is your personal connection to the Light within thee...the Light that you are underneath all the form you express through.

The more I give my awareness to discovering this subtle essence of myself, the greater my consciousness can overflow into my normal daily routine. This is not something that is greatly mystical or transcendental or 'spiritual'. It is merely applying my awareness towards 'seeing' the indwelling motivating intelligence and power...the subtle presence of myself. You can even take this awareness out into the world, into work, into your socializing...and allow yourself to expand this power through you in all ways. Soon, you will be simply observing your thoughts more and more and in that observing you can just relax and let go of participating with those thoughts...

For me, this yogic asana places me in relationship with the omnipresent light by simply getting into touch with the fragment of the flowing light within my own field of energy. It offers an overflowing peace and joy and it is dynamic because I can consciously direct this inner flame...this fire of Love and overflow itself by asking it to... and inviting it... to come and wash away the 'samskaras'...the negative impressions...the misqualified energies... that have been obstructions to my being able to experience the love and mercy so often talked about. 

So, breathe and invite this fire of love that is the animating One power to overflow its grace and love to encompass all thy field of energy this morning. Through slowing down your breathing your mind will be able to relax and melt into the breathing and the deeper power. Go easy on thyself and give thyself a break mentally and emotionally by allowing the imperfections to be there within your personality. We are each unique expressions of individuality that are in the unfoldment of greater perfection in our personal vibration and expression...and we are raising these imperfect vibrations such as fear, doubt, againstness or reactivity...etc...into an overflowing mercy, compassion, and forgiveness through Kumara Yoga and its approach to inner freedom.

The five major asanas of this yogis approach are - stretching both physically and in your life and career, breathing consciously and with direction to melt away and relax, chanting to invite the agni...the fire indwelling you...the animating expand and overflow, receiving this flow and learning to gradually drink the energy...the love and peace that you become accessible to have in your life, and last is to live the yoga consciously by taking a bit of this practice into your daily routines. 

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Michael of Nebadon


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