The Age of Light brings Mercy and Forgiveness

There is an Immortal Host of Heaven that is focused upon giving aid to human beings who ask and are able to receive. The Host has the power to focus the flame or ray of mercy and forgiveness to any and all who ask and are willing to take accounting for their creations, so when you have anger or fear, doubt or hatred toward some outer person or event, the way to heal that forever is to do three things:
1. recognize that its happening with you this negative reaction or outer event
2. release placing blame or againstness towards anyone or anything and be willing to welcome the feelings even in the midst of pain and unpleasantness
3. redeem and regenerate by changing the negativity into light by calling upon the flame or ray of Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness to enter your energy field and wash away the obstruction. This Mercy energy comes in and quickens the negativity by speeding up the atomic substance of that energy.

The key is to take ownership that its something you've set in motion in your past which is now arising from within you having been stimulated by another person or outside event, and also, to receive back to you that unpleasant energy which is wanting to return back to you to complete the cycle.

We each hold the capacity to 'qualify' energies which are given to us to create with, and our free will choice is the thing that determines whether we are qualifying the energies with destructive qualities or constructive attributes or conditions.

And in this Age of Light which the planet is entering into, each person will be held more and more accountable for what they have set in motion or vibration...the things which we have buried will begin to more potently surface, just as this is occurring for the global systems where we are seeing the corruption and indiscretions that have been going on underneath the surface of outer events and decisions. That is the macro perspective and the micro perspective is how this is occurring in the personal quiet individual lives of the populations of the world... 

~Michael of Nebadon


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