Salvation...True Salvation and Everlasting Redemption

The understanding of the Plan of Salvation requires mastery to be attained in working the Law of Redemption and Existence. This is the much sought after Holy Grail in the knowledge of the Spiritual Promise. Application and Mastery of this understanding brings forth the Full and Complete Atonement into Life Everlasting. It is the approach to God that establishes the Kingdom of Sovereignty for aspirants and secures participation within the Network of Supremacy.

This is the plan for human life to become permanently free from all suffering and human limitation by consciously becoming Immortal. You can raise your life into fulfillment by understanding the Plan and the Law of Life which when acted upon will propel you into having a direct and ongoing spiritual realization experience, validated by the authority of your personal relationship to the Source. Conscious physical immortality can be yours wherein you bypass the slow death of decomposition and degeneration, so that, you gradually transform into a unified expression of the Source – the Father Mother God of us all. You build a seamless garment of pure light...a body of greater capability and relative perfection out of the imperfections of the human experience. As you raise your life into alignment with this plan and higher will, you’ll discover the true meaning of life. 

Personality is a gift from the Universal Spirit and your uniqueness is a specific design intended to be used in the progression of the creation into Light. You have gifts and abilities which must blossom. These gifts are awakened once you understand how to become filled with the vibratory presence of love. This approach to the Universal Spirit is a path which awakens for you the true and pure personality that God intends for you. You do not become merged into the ocean of His being and lose your individuality, but your unique gifts, talents, and personality are placed in alignment and service with the great plan of the universes because all creation is moving gradually into a higher Light. Your human personality and nature become purified, spiritualized into a higher expression. In this unfoldment that I speak of, you will be raising your human self into your higher Self. The transformation of your human nature into the divine nature must begin while you are in this limited form because it is a conscious participation that must occur. In this transmutation, you realize the Omnipresence more deeply, and it is fueled by your personal spiritual relations with the Creator and Source of us all. You embody and become the Spirit of creation individualized. You come to know thyself as a unique individualization of the Supreme Being. The Creator, as It extends itself into time and space creation must work through its individualizations. Your expansion is a never-ending realization of the inherent potential that you've been designed to live.

Your human form was created with the intention of transmuting it into a greater form and expression, and all this takes place within the bounds of the natural and normal unfoldment of your potential. The initiation into eternity is the way the Infinite Father has designed. It is the necessary requirement that each and every human being eventually undergoes in order to attain greater levels of experience and existence.

I say unto thee...there is a great purpose for you to fulfill, and the universe waits upon your attainment, cheering you onward and ever upwards.

Thy Sovereign Son
Michael of Nebadon


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