Radiating from the Kingdom of Pure Harmony

One of the powers of the seven eyes of attainment is invitation...to use our free will choice, our thought, feeling, and spoken word to command the annihilation of all energies within our field and even the greater field of energies of humanity that are acting destructively. Energy and vibration will continue to act unless its personal creator has the intelligence to redeem the energy by using the powers of invocation and invitation to  take accountability for what they have set into motion vibrationally and are willing to invite the fire of creation...the omnipotent force of love and mercy...the law of forgiveness you may say...inviting this omnipotent fire back into their field of consciousness in order to correct the destructive rates of vibration and the outer effects that are manifestations of inner causes. 

Invitation: "Supreme God I AM, I command luminosity...bring through this temple of ours thy ever-present fire of love... into and through every cell and atomic particle. I desire the full transfiguration of any of my energies which have become lowered in their rate of vibration."

Contemplate these ideas in your quiet time...and in your daily practice to expand the kingdom of pure harmony...

These lowered rates of vibration in us are the qualities which are working in opposition to the expansion of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. When we invite the fire of mercy and the law of forgiveness to come and act, we put an end to the vibratory radiance of all lesser qualities, and we replace those qualities with the higher virtues of the divine intelligence.

In expanding the Kingdom of His Sovereignty it is not in any way religion, yet it is deeply religious…spiritual…a personal depth of experience for the individual that is validated by the authority of your own direct relationship and realization.

It is an art and a divine science with objective verifiable attainments that you will be able to gauge and experience. It is the science of energy and vibration. Its principles are as exacting as an unchangeable Law, and the application of these principles is an art form that must be caught by one receptive and hungry for mastery.

The powers of living faith are as ancient as the most historic texts to be found within this world. These powers being ancient can only be accessed by the individual who has a burning desire for Truth and freedom in his or her life.

Happiness is when our inner Light, Life, and Intelligence is in a state of expansive radiation, at one with the power of the Universal Intelligence.

Fulfillment occurs when we are expressing at one with our indwelling Light and Life, and when the Source of all Light and Life in us is expressing in us, as us, through us, and by us. When the quality, character, and nature of our expression is at one with the intent of the omnipresent Intelligence, we find our potential ignited into fuller activity and use.

We can become master of our Life and energy by learning to create causes which will manifest as constructive effects in our life and world. This knowledge is woven as a thread of Truth and understanding in all religious experiences and all life philosophies of the world.

There is an exact science which allows us to manifest our inner Light into a much fuller expression and activity for the bringing forth our greatest potential and for the benefit of all.

I will show you within your own energy of your own life what it is that allows discordant conditions such as problems and struggle and limitations, to come into your experience. There is nothing in our personal world that is there by coincidence. Anything that we desire to remove from our experience can be accomplished at will once we understand.

Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty. When we doubt a thing we are not able to definitely focus and concentrate the energy of our feeling and thought into a definite, positive focus. Doubt is a wavering of our energy and does not allow our Life to be sent to a definite point to produce manifestation for us.

Fear is a feeling within our emotions. It is a feeling that we are not going to control what is occurring around us. It’s a feeling that we have let go of our Mastery. When we are master of any given situation there is no fear in us. We must transmute these feelings of doubt and fear in order to manifest the great inner Light and Life within us.

If we desire release from every problem and struggle and limitation, we must learn to go to the root of every effect. This requires we become masterful at understanding the inner causes that have been producing the effects in our life. The outer circumstance and environment is an exact reflection of the inner states of our energy.

The human being has been designed to be added onto. Through the vehicle of living faith, we can build upon what has been given. This is the activation of our willingness to go further into unleashing the potential within us. Our brain, which is using merely ten percent of its potential, may become awakened through direct inner communication with the Universal which pervades all things. Faith is the building block of the universe which becomes an elixir linking the finite with the Infinite. Love is the cohesive force that sustains the connection with all things.

It is the intent of the Universal Intelligence that we constructively use its Substance to expand Light and Life. We have at our command this universal substance once we understand the powers and laws of Life. Consciousness allows us to gain access and possession of our inner powers.

Thought is a living energy. When we activate the powers of the spoken word we are setting into motion omnipotent forces to act on our decree or word. When we Place our thought into activity, we are setting into motion that very thought to manifest on the subtle planes of our being. In truth, all the appearance of circumstance and environment is really only a thought form. When we concentrate our thought we are creating a concentrated energy, and this concentration upon a definite design or purpose becomes power.

To receive and manifest these powers within us we must recognize and acknowledge their existence. To receive the greater portion of Light and Life we have only to become obedient to the Law in order to erase the old causes and their manifestations, and set into motion new causes and greater momentums that will take up into Light.

Excerpts made possible by The Private Dialogues Retreat with Aspirants in Los Angeles, 2001.

Michael of Nebadon


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