In the Days of Galilee . . .

I share with you beloved what God's will and intent is: that you each become in consciousness, energy, and vibration... master over your personal world and inner consciousness. In fact, the inner and the outer are truly one consciousness and what is set into motion on the inner will one day appear in your outer is a direct extension of you, made of your personal energies and vibration. His Will is for you to manifest Himself which is the fullness of thyself... in all His perfection of energy and vibration, and to attain this ye must fulfill his law by returning all energies that you have creatively conditioned and qualified... back into their original vibration of pure light. This brings forth a field of energy for you that is one with the universal light. This demonstrates to Him that you are accountable and can go further in your development to embody more and more of Him.

So, we can only go further in attainment by fulfilling his will; and this fulfillment allows you to become his nature and identity while still in form. This is the Supreme command to expand His Kingdom of Sovereignty in you, through you, for you, by you, and as you. Say unto thy own selfhood, "I will to become all that God intends for me."

And to further anchor this Universal Light into and throughout your human consciousness raising the human into the divine, you may wish to command thyself into this decree, " I AM Purity Absolute... the Immaculate Conception...Radiant Body of Christ Light Perfection."

I am Michael of Nebadon which is My Eternal Order of Origin. I am the very same one who has come to you in other times and in other forms, even back in the days of Galilee...walking with the few who dared to come along to listen and learn, having a mind prepared to receive the Greater Ideal for their life . . . to become a living example of the Universal First Cause and Creator . . . the Father's grace and glory.

I Remain One with the Father and Son
Michael of Nebadon


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