I Outpour unto thee My Comforter Presence

My teachings unto humanity at this hour engage you in thy daily Embracing Eternity Exercises, wherein ye are efforting to prepare a place to receive the greater portion of light and love. With Impregnation - the sixth ideal of the seven eyes of attainment - ye are partaking of My Holy Comforter Presence and the Infinite Holy Spirit of the Mother of the Universe; all to inspire you, to guide you, to purify you; all part of the Paradise Trinity Endowment designed in that merciful service to give you the preparation necessary to become one with the nature, character, identity, and consciousness of the Paradise Father’s Spirit who indwells thee… desiring to eternally fuse with thy personhood…thy soul personality. It is this initiation that you must…absolutely must attain in your progressive unfoldment.

It is this understand and thy personal application which brings forth the expansion of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty within thy human energy field, propelling you ever upward into that supernal personal relationship and divine worship of the Father's Presence in Paradise and within thine own breath... 

Thy Sovereign Universe Son
Michael of Nebadon


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