For this AM I Shepherd

THE WAYS in which the enemy maketh mischief are perplexing unto you; he skulketh in shadow, he singeth on the highroad, he maketh a loud noise and beseecheth that all men hear it; he is subtle, he is coy; his right hand knoweth not what his left hand performeth; he upbraideth the humble; he deceiveth the Elect.
2 Are not these things known unto those who have wisdom? was it given them for pranking?
3 I tell you I watch closely the cohorts of the thieving ones, I know their malefactions, I discern their transgressions.
4 Yet do I say unto myself: Such errors are of moment, they enlighten the circumspect, they give arm to the valorous, they open the still, small way to those who would flee them.
5 I tell you again as I have told you before: I am Patience Incarnate. But I let not harm descend upon those who delve nobly that the Kingdom may come in.
6 Be of good cheer, my beloved; the woes are of moment, yet wherein have they harmed you? hath the pestilence not stalked close to you and yet hath it felled you? I say, Deliverance is at hand!
7 Behold ye have ministers who minister unto you; they have served you with protection; they have cast their blankets over you.
8 Hath scandal afflicted you? hath the sharp tongue annoyed you? hath the lecherous word assailed you? hath the multitude rebuked you in that tumult was your pedagogue?
9 I have seen the fell act, I have heard the foul word, yet I have not suffered the viper of infamy to wound your heels fatally.
10 I have watched the happenings, I have frowned my displeasures, I have come and gone among the sainted ones and said: Take joy as a mantle, for verily it fitteth you; take Hope as your staff, for verily it goadeth you.
11 Do ye slumber? . . . sleep peacefully! Do ye prank? . . . do it gracefully! Have ye a humor to be about the Father's business? . . . trust not the helper found in the highroad but seek out the brother who is one with you in spirit, who hath shown the bright mettle, whose cheek hath not blanched when the arrow flashed close to it.
12 I tell you that we be three in spirit, . . . .the flesh maketh weakness but the heart maketh music.
13 There is more than a village against you, beloved. There are nations to be won ere the Golden Time cometh in.
14 Have I not protected you in a little day, beloved? . . . think ye I desert you when the nations move in earthquake?
15 Be of better courage! The soldier hath his fortune.
16 Many soldiers make mighty cohorts, many cohorts make an army; yet hath the army only the heart of him who fighteth singly. Recall that I have said it.
17 Behold it hath come to me that the world hath tried you; is it not meet that it should rend you also? how come ye of strength unless there be anvils for your hammers, that your blows shall ring lustily?
18 Heed mine admonitions.
19 I say unto your graciousness, Ye are ministering Spirits; blessed be your succors; blessed be your counsels unto those who hunger after them.
20 Do ye rest in earthly nights? hath the Father not sent the darkness for a balsam? . . . the morrow, I tell you, bringeth strength to endure.
21 When I asked strength of my Father, did He not send it? did I not receive it? was it not abundant? whenever did He fail me?
22 When ye asked strength of me, did I not send it also? didst ye not receive it? was it not plenteous? have I passed you in bestowing it?
23 Have a calmer assurance. I am Strength, I am Shield, I am Weapon, I am Amulet; I shall encompass your weakness with my beauty.
24 Fear openeth the heart; in stalketh cowardice. Doubt rendeth the window; in flieth panic. I tell you that ye do have no defense against tumult when fear bringeth cowardice into the mansion of your Spirit. Open not your hearts to doubtings. I say they defile you, they give you a tallow.
25 Doth fear make you craven? . . . there is naught to do but wait. The anchor of righteousness falleth deep in depths of doubtings, it secureth the craft so that storms do not wreck it, even those storms of Mammon's wiles against you.
26 Be advised, my beloved! . . . I have said that I am with you.
27 There are moments and episodes when harm indeed approacheth; there are mad times and seasons when menace is imminent.
28 I am fully aware! For this am I shepherd. For this am I captain of the craft of your destinies.
29 I do know mine own and the struggles of their souls; I do know the wolves by name and whereof they would rend you. I rebuke the mad tempest and it whimpereth at mine excellence.
30 Abide ye in me and fear not that I shall fail you!
31 There are needless alarms, when the Mind becometh bedlam; my voice in your hearts is as rain on many oceans, yea, the sweet shower that troubleth not the billows;
32 And yet I remind you. . . the billows are but many showers fallen in abundance, fallen in rejoicing that the clouds do their function.
33 There is naught that can harm you! . . . see me in the tempests and behold it giveth succor.
34 I say unto each of you. . . there is too much business of a vast importance for harm of petty nature to inflict its spiteful mischief on you. . . .
35 We are brethren for a purpose; there are worlds in the making; I say lives untold shall exist and perish on them;
36 We go upward through the cycles, we do mount world on world, behold the day cometh when we reach the Father's mansion.
37 We are brethren, I say, for the Program Eternal.
38 There are glories undefined; there are joys that are not numbered; there are pleasures and delights; there are privileges and dignities.
39 Hear ye my speech: My love worketh on you and ever ye come unto them; my heart is a balsam, it ennobleth to all dignities;
40 Suffer mine image to be ever in your thoughts; keep ever constant your regard for my Spirit.
41 I will rescue your timidities from their watery graves of heresies, if ye but keep steadfast your ideals of my constancy.
42 Millions toil against us. Millions more toil for us. We seek only victories which Love hath opened unto us; those who toil against us seek their victories by a wastage, their hate hath a looseness, it breaketh, it scattereth.
43 Hate ever destroyeth, Love buildeth up; hate maketh the heart and the bowels to sicken, Love lifteth the trumpet and the Mind singeth anthems.
44 Hate belongeth to mortal coil; Love is the gold on the robe of the Infinite.
45 Behold, ideals sweeten you. . . . . Whence come they, my beloved? . . . are they come of a worldiness husbanded by lust? . . . think ye they seize you of whim or of fancy?
46 I tell you the Divine Idealism cometh from the Father. Rest in it, and on it, yea verily rest under it, and let it seek out the chambers of your loveliness, let it fill them to surfeit, let them hold it as an incense.
47 Verily if ye do think the things that ye wouldst be, so shall the miracle work, and ye become them.
48 Fear not error that is goodly; fear only error that maketh for destruction; fear only error that draweth from the Father, that maketh Him beastly, that casteth Him down as a man that would spit.
49 Know that the error which approacheth from the Father cometh out of parenthood that the child should be noble. Can such truly be error?
50 The Father hath need of you, beloved, even as of old! I have need of you, beloved, even as of old! The world hath need of us, beloved, even as of old!
51 Think ye the Father sendeth Evil to rend you? . . . behold what cometh unto you is sent of His purpose. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your strength to cause mountains to tremble, yea in those days when His purpose hath been served in you.
52 Lift up your hearts to see me in the stars. Lift up your faces to see me in the sun. Lift up your eyes to see me in your brother. I say, crush me not in the flower by the wayside,
53 For I am the Mystery that maketh Nature wondrous. . . .
54 Again I say unto all of you, Cast your nets even as ye didst cast them at my bidding in the Long Ago. . . . I tell you they shall rise loaded to breaking with fishes not of earth! . . .

Excerpt, The Golden Scripts

Michael of Nebadon


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