Embracing Eternity in thy Everlasting Attainment of His Supreme Bliss

The Nameless One is Omnipresent and that includes Him being right in front of our eyes and all around our physical and more subtle bodies, and that includes His glory and nature as our own Identity. Yet, how to realize this you might think, and how to be able to draw this energy to us, the energies of our own greater Beingness...essence all-pervading... into our field of personal consciousness, in order to transfigure any limitations and struggle into a more unlimitedness prosperity...and to become immersed in His all-pervading and all-powerful Mercy, Love, and Intelligence?

I tell you, beloveds, it is through thy faith and confidence knowing first that He is there, and secondly, by giving Him our attention, our acknowledgement, and our recognition. And third, by daring to use this great power and presence for our own constructive design. This is what it is to worship Him; not as some far distant God at the Godhead of all existence only...for certainly He is there, yet also, right within, and as, and all around, and above us is He dwelling...this primordial being of existence, and of which we are a part of...and in our consciousness we can expand into the recognition that we are Him indivisibly and unchangingly Him. We can align with His Will and Intent and work the law of Life to fulfill the requirements of It, so that we are changing all obstructions into His unobstructed viewpoint and awareness.

We are the very aught of the eternal, and all that we see through the senses is but the naught...the effect...the outpressing or expression of Him that has come about through individualizations of Himself who have held thought, feeling, spoken word, and action...unified these instruments into their own Ideal of whatever they desired to bring forth, and with persistence and determination, confidence and faith and trust...they each have brought forth His energies and substance into manifest appearance. Everything in creation, be it a solar system, a galaxy, a universe, and even the very circumstances of our living... all has been brought into manifestation using the very same principles of creation, even unto the Father of existence; for He certainly makes use of His own laws of Life, although He does it with absolute perfection...

So, contemplate Him as being the field all around you even in the room you are sitting in. Imagine with faith and trust, confidence and determination, that He exists right now silently and with His infinite intelligence present for you to embrace and draw upon for your expansion and maturity. I tell you...He is there just as He is right here with me. I can perceive Him even with my senses, and I know of myself as being His Son...His Individualization...I recognize Him as this veritable Ocean of Existence, and I AM immaculately dissolved in Him and can come and go from His glory of expansion back into my personal selfhood, and back unto Him...and I know that you too are this One Nameless Principle and there are no such limitations to entering into this One Essence, yet there are certain requirements to be able to get there...to enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty...and so, what is necessary to realize Him is growing into your own personal Sovereignty by entering into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty through three things essentially; fulfill his law, live his will, and draw upon his mercy and grace through the Paradise Trinity Endowment that He has given us.

I bid unto thee each one...God Speed...in your eternal attainment of your own freedom and mastery.

Immersed within the Kingdom of His Sovereignty
Michael of Nebadon


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