I AM the Ocean of Christ Supreme, the Majesty of thy Love

THIS hour I tell you that which hath its import unto your spirits; I tell you of celestial ministrations in your behalf; I tell you of principals and powers bent unto your instruction.
2 Behold it is of fact that in the higher realms of life there is a system that classifieth spirits into groups according to their willingness to be of assistance unto others.
3 At the head is the Christ Group, or group of Christ Souls, who have suffered so greatly in other worlds and in other forms that the essence of Self becometh utterly lost.
4 So deep hath been their experience at living, so apt hath been their instruction by vicissitude, so cleverly have they responded to the stimuli of pain and pleasure, that they have made for themselves crowns of rejoicing in service for others.
5 This group compriseth artists and musicians, great lovers of humanity, leaders in great movements, divine expounders of truths, persons who have given of themselves so utterly that no more giving appeareth to them possible.
6 They have come to earth from other planets, not earthly born, not knowing always Golgotha of reincarnation.
7 These persons, beloved, have no minds of their own; they do live for others so completely that the real joys and sorrows of others are their joys and sorrows; they do live the lives of others, experience on experience.
8 They do manifest in flesh but rarely, and then only for great purposes involving earthly leadership; they go down into flesh when great events portend having as their essence the heart of humanity in jeopardy to itself.
9 These persons have errands to perform of special tenor; they manifest according to plan agreed upon beforehand; they come and go at behest of a leader, usually the wisest and holiest among them.
10 I say, beloved, there are those amongst you of this order; they have known of old when labors were required to ennoble the race.
11 Counsel hath been taken, when such work portended among the groups of the anointed; those best equipped by past experience and service did make themselves eager to be of more service still; they have cried for an appointment; they have begged for a commission.
12 But know ye, beloved, that coming thus in flesh is a painful experience for those so finely grained; verily the vibrations and handicaps of flesh are abhorrent unto them.
13 To such do I address myself.
14 I say unto them, Ye didst come into flesh by the mother route; ye didst volunteer to go down into human embryo and manifest through painful years to adolescence, before reaching your years of stature in service.
15 Know that ye didst go through this mother route to temper you in the use of your bodies and their faculties and to acquaint yourselves with the type of civilization in which ye do manifest.
16 There come unto you those of your own company, therefore, supplying you with equipment, serving you, making you to understand who ye may be, that ye may do that for which ye have bargained.
17 To such I say further: ye didst bargain to help save the race from itself; ye didst bargain with me thus:
18 We go down into flesh on a condition that we have help of a high, high order: ministers must protect us else our lives be wasted and the years of our childhood be cast away futilely.
19 Members of the Council shall be our mentors, vibrating about us and helping us from appetites and lusts that destroy the stamina of physical flesh, or spirit with flesh, for flesh may so influence Spirit that Spirit cannot manifest; thereat is evil.
20 We are to have mentors too in all the holy ones who have given their lives to civilizations in times past, that we may draw upon their experiences and use them as our guides.
21 Thus was the bargain, thus was the traffic, thus was the pact.
22 Behold it was accepted; there was equity in it.
23 I say there are those of you in life who didst make a pact under these conditions; I tell you further, a pact is a pact; once given, beloved, it endureth forever; pure thought hath it not otherwise.
24 I say unto these souls, Your pact was righteous, therefore escaping it cannot be consummated though ye do die the deaths of the despised.
25 Behold this pact is not known unto any but the Christ Group: I say remember it on a thousand days and occasions yet to come.
26 All the mighty of the earth, verily the truly mighty, are members of this group.
27 Some manifest in flesh today like unto yourselves; far greater, however, is the number gone on into the higher and ever higher planes.
28 They do have this in common with you, I tell you: when they function in your behalf, they know of your designings, they perceive your attainments, they sense your longings and requirements.
29 That is their mission and part of the pact, to supply you and protect you, to nurture and sustain you.
30 They come and go in your affairs, seen and unseen, heard and unheard, noted and unnoted; they say unto you, We are here at your behest, on your behalf, loving you in that ye didst come from that group whose playing is perfect love.
31 My beloved, hear my words: I am at the head of the group of sacrificial ones; bestowed upon me was the leadership of that group in that I would sacrifice most, going down into flesh times of greatest number, suffering most terribly most of those times.
32 Those who make up the group were created by that Spirit whom men call the Father, for purposes of ministering; therefore ye who do minister most are greatest, and he who is greatest in service is leader.
33 Mark this well. As ye do lead in flesh, he who is greatest is therefore greatest servant; he ordereth most who serveth most; he proclaimeth most who saith least; he directeth most who giveth fewest directions.
34 Make this clear unto yourselves: let your wits dwell upon it.
35 I say that such as are among you thus to serve, come not back unto us ever until the work be finished, else would be upset vast courses of event long in shaping, involving forces not to be mentioned when our discourse hath a briefness.
36 Did I not say unto my disciples, Verily I tell you there are those among you who shall not taste of death until I come again?
37 Were not those disciples of the serving ones?
38 Whereof can Mammon say with a certainty that they have ever died? is it death for consciousness to pass from body unto body?
39 Verily I tell you, they know themselves.
40 They have stayed and done their labor nobly and well, for in Thought was it projected that they should do this thing.
41 Behold therefore I say unto all serving ones: Ye are modern disciples, ye belong to the Group.
42 Your labor is twofold: Ye do open your hearts to possibilities of service to the race; ye do close your minds to opportunities for self-exploitation and aggrandizement that have no bearing on the Plan.
43 Men come and go who have a bearing on this work in flesh; they meet and recognize you as those of vast responsibilities; they say, Lo, these have equipment pleasing unto our desires.
44 Others come and say, Aid us, we implore you, in that we express ourselves through you beauteously.
45 They have no malice, they would make no mischiefs, but I tell you they are ignorant of that which was bargained on between the members of the group.
46 Wouldst ye do a great deed? then distractions offend.
47 Wouldst ye achieve a great purpose? then roilings are offensive.
48 Harken further: not everyone who cometh unto you crying,
Give us succor we implore you, is worthy of that succor;
49 Compassion, I tell you, entereth not into it; lo, we have compassion for all souls but the work cometh first.
50 Thousands and millions can offer compassion, but few indeed are called to the work, or do that work well.
51 I say unto those among you who have come to earth serving, Ye are heckled by well-wishers, your friends are your distractions; artists seek expression for their arts, all of them ye treat with;
52 But I say it is not right that your loyalty and fealty be sapped; it belongeth to me, it belongeth to the group, having come from it yourselves, and with all members of the group diverting themselves from their higher callings in that they may aid you.
53 Hear me further. . . .

NO MAN hath gone into life and come out that he hath not said unto himself: I have blundered grievously; would that I might instruct those of earth not to make mine errors.
2 Even the murderer feeleth remorse; each and every one longeth for retribution and seeketh it in karma by sending back to earth projections of himself through the products of his mind.
3 That is as it should be, hear me say it; but I tell you that mind products are not of value unless they are applied through someone who hath influence, being great in office or powerful in capability.
4 This, my beloved, shall be your affliction, in that ye are who ye are.
5 Men shall surround you begging you piteously to give them expression on your earth plane, thereby leaving them goodly works to balance their oversights within the stream of karma.
6 They shall ask you to give of your time and effort, helping them to help the race, and in cases, I say, it is meet that ye do it.
7 But harken, harken: Give not of yourselves that which belongeth to your group or to its Leader, lest ye injure the Pact and jeopardize the purpose.
8 Give not of yourselves to the hurt of the group, for behold your obligation is first to those who make it a living reality.
9 For are they not waiting upon you, directing offices or events, which ye do thwart or destroy by sacrilegious bickerings of individuals over this or that petty circumstance in their affairs?
10 My beloved, harken to my voice: Ye do see pictures that come at the wish of my ministers; demons do not send them; behold likewise there are sent to you symbols of the failures of those who have lived, and ye do know them as symbols for such failures, marking them not as symbols for the living, even yourselves who do a goodly service.
11 Men come unto you who say, Behold we have deeds and crimes to assuage; one touch of your hands, one glance of your eyes, enableth us to be right with ourselves; do these things for us that we may know peace.
12 I say, Touch them not, my beloved; give them no glance, else do ye wrong them.
13 Suffer each man to live his own life and die his own death; sympathize not to his hurt, my beloved; condole only with those who say, We bring our all to the altar as it pleaseth God;
14 For verily they have need of your condolence, being made of griefs to learn self-sacrifice.
15 I say unto you, Unless ye do distinguish between the worthy and unworthy, ye can make no progress, for those most in need of helping themselves will ask most of you.
16 I tell you that ye are coming to human changes of an order; ye are meeting with those who are sent unto you for purpose.
17 Go toward each of them confidently, knowing that your group sendeth you to meet them out of omnipotent wisdom, seeing the result in that which men call karma.
18 Teach those who come into your affairs who merit such teaching by their displays of self-reliance; guide them, my beloved, as ye wouldst be guided; give them of yourselves and watch carefully that which happeneth.
19 Verily is it written that he who giveth himself with moderation shall receive the rewards of those who are righteous, whilst he who giveth himself with a tumult meeteth the judgments of those who give wisdom. . . . . .

excerpt made possible by The Golden Scripts

Michael of Nebadon


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